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A Beginners Guide To A Gluten Free Diet

A Beginners Guide To A Gluten Free Diet - theskinnyfoodco

A Beginners Guide To A Gluten Free Diet

So, you're new to a Gluten Free lifestyle, perhaps you've recently developed a gluten intolerance, or a medical condition related to gluten - whatever the reason, we've created a Beginners Guide to a Gluten Free Diet which we hope will help those who are transitioning to a gluten free diet.

What is a Gluten Free Diet?

The Gluten Free Diet is a diet plan that completely excludes gluten, it is designed to help those who are intolerant to gluten and to relieve symptoms of Coeliac Disease and medical conditions often associated with gluten. Keeping a strict gluten free diet is a lifelong necessity for people with Coeliac Disease.

Keeping a strict gluten free diet is a lifelong necessity for people with Coeliac Disease.

What To Eat and Drink

Many foods are naturally gluten free, such as:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Dairy and Eggs
  • Beans, Seeds and Nuts in their natural form
  • Gluten Free Flours such as Rice, Corn, Soy and Potato Flour

Some processed foods can also be gluten free, however it is important to check the nutritionals for traces of gluten

The Skinny Food Co have a wide variety of Gluten Free products, including gluten free pasta and gluten free bread.

There are plenty of drinks and alcoholic drinks that don't contain gluten, such as:

  • Fruit Juice
  • Flavoured Water
  • Fizzy Drinks
  • Cider
  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Port
  • Liqueurs
  • Fix

What Not To Eat or Drink

 Avoid all gluten-containing foods such as:

  • Breads
  • Cakes
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • Biscuits and Crackers
  • Pies
  • Gravies and Sauces

Cross contamination can happen if gluten free foods and other foods are prepared together or served with the same utensils - it is always important to check the labels on the foods you buy.

Drinks that you should avoid on a gluten free diet are:

  • Barley Squashes
  • Beer and Lager
  • Stout
  • Ales

Tips when Following a Gluten Free Diet

  • Do your research on what to eat and what not to eat to ensure you're selecting the correct foods
  • Make a shopping list of Gluten Free products prior to your visit to the shops
  • Visit the Gluten Free aisles in your local supermarket for gluten free substitutes and products
  • Read food labels. Practice reading food labels so you can easily identify gluten-free foods.
  • Follow Gluten Free bloggers and creators for recipe inspiration and other gluten free related content

Where to get Support

If you are displaying symptoms of Coeliac Disease, consult with your doctor to see whether you need to adopt of gluten free diet.

Coeliac UK is a UK based Charity to help people with Coeliac Disease

You can also call the Coeliac UK Helpline   0333 332 2033.

How the Skinny Food Co can Help

The Skinny Food Co has an extensive Gluten Free Range which includes gluten free sauces, salad dressing, syrups, gluten free snacks, coffee syrups, gluten free pasta and gluten free bread.

The Skinny Food Co have multiple blogs based on the Gluten Free Diet, including The Gluten Free Diet Explained, Tips to Gluten Free Baking and other Gluten Free related article which you can find via our Health and Wellbeing Blog page.

We also have lots of Gluten Free Recipes incorporating products from our Gluten Free Range which you can find via our Recipes page.


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