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6 Perfect Dipping Sauces and Pairings

6 Perfect Dipping Sauces and Pairings - theskinnyfoodco

6 Perfect Dipping Sauces and Pairings

There really is nothing better than gathering with friends, family or enjoying a party of one and tucking into a delicious platter with an array of dipping sauces.

But, you know what would make that EVEN better? If your dipping sauces were also low sugar, low calorie and completely fat free. Well, we've got you covered!

Dipping sauces are usually guilty of packing high amounts of salt, sugar and calories - but we have the perfect solution. Actually, multiple perfect solutions - six to be exact.

Here, we explore six delicious dipping sauces and perfect pairings using The Skinny Food Co Sauce Range.

1. Nacho Cheese

Tuck into a deliciously gooey cheese dip, packed full of flavour for all you cheese lovers and pair with crisp tortilla chips.

Don't worry, vegans don't have to miss out either as The Skinny Food Co Nacho Cheese Sauce is also dairy free.

nacho cheese sauce with tortilla chips

2. BBQ sauce

A classic dipping sauce, smokey and sweet.

Our Smokey BBQ Sauce acts as a perfect dip with some fried chicken strips. Why not replicate our crunchy Cornflake Chicken recipe at home? Made with natural ingredients and totally perfect to pair with our Smokey BBQ Sauce.

View the recipe.

cornflake chicken pieces with Smokey BBQ sauce

3. Sweet Chilli

Originated from Thailand, Sweet Chilli Sauce is a well known favourite sauce contender and perfect to use as a dipping sauce.

Our Sweet Chilli Sauce is a beautiful concoction of sweet and spice while being low calorie - why not pair with some crispy spring rolls?

spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

4. Garlic Mayo

Creamy mayonnaise with hints of garlic, our Garlic Mayo Sauce acts as a great sauce for virtually anything!

Don't be shy with your portion size, enjoy as much as you desire as our Garlic Mayo is zero calorie, low sugar and vegan friendly! 

We've paired our Garlic Mayo with some mozzarella balls, prosciutto ham and basil sticks - perfect for parties! 

mozzarella and prosciutto ham with garlic mayo

5. Honey Mustard

Now, we know you'll love this next one.

Our Honey Mustard Sauce is sweet, tangy and a healthier alternative to other brands. Meaning you can use our Honey Mustard as a marinade AND a dipping sauce as it contains only 12 calories per 100ml.

chicken with honey mustard sauce

6. Ketchup

 A classic favourite! Our Tomato Ketchup is a tasty concoction of sweet and tangy flavours guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds.

Ketchup can be paired with just about anything, we have used our Tomato Ketchup as a dip for some Hot Dog Pastry Fingers - another great party food!

hot dog sausages wrapped in pastry with a ketchup dip



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