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How to Create the Perfect Monday Morning Routine!

How to Create the Perfect Monday Morning Routine! - theskinnyfoodco

How to Create the Perfect Monday Morning Routine! 

Now that the world is back to a degree of normality, we want to help everyone feel their best - and what better way to do this than by starting the day with some delicious low sugar and low calorie dishes, and great exercise ideas! This week we've enlisted the help of Molly - a student and recipe enthusiast to get you motivated and spruce up your mornings! 




'I cannot function in the morning without breakfast, and my go to is always a gorgeous super loaded porridge bowl.

Here is my super easy oats recipe to start your mornings off with a healthy nutrient, protein, and fibre packed meal that tastes just like dessert!'


You will need:

40g oats

30g protein powder - sub in for 1tbsp cocoa powder or 1tsp vanilla extract

200ml soy milk

1tsp cinnamon

  1. Add everything into a small saucepan and simmer away for 3-5minutes depending on your thickness preference - I like my thick enough to not drop on my head!
  2. If you want to use the microwave, then add the oats, cinnamon, and milk to a bowl and microwave for 2mins. Take out and stir in the protein powder, adding in more soy milk if needed.

Add ins and toppings - your favourite fruit (my go to are bananas and raspberries), toasted coconut, peanut butter or crushed nuts, yoghurt, and a generous helping of the Skinny Food Co Jam Selection (my fav is strawberry)! I also use their Roasted Hazelnut Flavour Drops mixed it when I am feeling that nutty chocolate vibe!


The Rest of My Morning Routine to Feel Fresh and Ready for the Day

I brush my teeth, do my daily skin care, stretch out my body for 5minutes, brush my hair, and make my bed! P.S. this is your reminder to make your bed; it will double your productivity, I mean it!


Daily Skin Care

I like to keep it simple to be kind to my skin whilst also making sure I am protecting myself from the sun and dry skin. I do the following steps after brushing my teeth both in the morning and before I got to bed. I find it really works for me throughout the year to keep my skin soft and healthy!

  1. Wash my face with a gentle cleansing wash.
  2. Use a cream cleanser just to remove any leftover makeup that I did not get off the day before and any impurities left o my face from sleeping that the wash did not catch.
  3. Use a facial toner to leave my skin feeling fresh.
  4. Use a moisturiser to lock in all the nutrients and hydration from the cleansers.
  5. And finally lip balm, because otherwise I always forget about my lips throughout the day, especially when it is colder!


Workout Routine

My go to workout is always an ab focused one, with a banded bum finisher. I also love going swimming when I can, to do my 50 laps!

I also do yoga every day to get my body warmed up and stretched out from sleeping. It also helps with recovery and soreness the next few days! This is your reminder to go and stretch out after your workout! You will regret it in the morning if you don’t!

Plus 10 minutes of hula hooping in the morning gets my blood pumping and wakes me right up. It may seem like a strange exercise, but it strengthens your core and helps with resistance training! Time to get out your childhood hula hoop and get hooping!


My Go-To Ab Workout:

Russian twists x20

Tabletop crunches x15

Low flutter kicks for 30seconds

Butterfly crunches x15

Slow mountain climbers for 30seconds

Repeat x3

Glute bridges for 30seconds followed by glute pulses for 30seconds, x3

10 donkey kicks each side x3

10 fire hydrants each side x3

You can find more delicious breakfast recipes and at home workout ideas over on Molly's instagram page, or by pressing hereDon't forget to tag us in any yummy posts on our Instagram too! 


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