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Get up & Go with Skinny Food Co: Josh

Get up & Go with Skinny Food Co: Josh - theskinnyfoodco

How to Make the Most of Your Mornings ⎢Being Productive and Healthy has never been easier!


Sometimes a disgruntled morning can lead to an entire off day. Now that the world is slowly returning back to slight normality, people are going back to the office, gyms are back open and you can start socialising again, setting up your day has become more important than ever to beat any habits you may have formed in the past year. 



Online coach Josh has kindly talked us through his morning routine, alongside his daily diet to keep you all motivated this Summer! Now that the mornings are lighter, it's the perfect time to start forming new habits, creating a better version of you. Josh creates plans for his clients that don't include any restricting foods and instead promotes a change to a lifestyle, especially the diet. 

Everyone will have a different routine that works for them, and sometimes it's all about trial and error, trying to find the perfect one that works for you. This series - Get up and Go is what it's all about - we're going to continue sharing some amazing morning routines and workouts from some great influencers, fitness coaches and motivational people to hopefully inspire all of our readers to start their day in a better way! 

 You can shop Josh's favourites, like our delicious Zero Calorie Gingerbread Syrup, or our Low Sugar Strawberry Jam over on our website. No matter your dietary requirement, or taste preferences, we have a product for everyone! Our products are diabetic friendly, vegan friendly, gluten-free, fat-free and low to zero sugar and calories. 




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