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The Complete Guide to Vegan Chocolate Honeycomb:

The Complete Guide to Vegan Chocolate Honeycomb: - theskinnyfoodco

Here at The Skinny Food Co, we pride ourselves on being able to take much loved classic flavours, snacks, sauces & syrups and recreate them in totally guilt-free ways. One of our latest creations is our 100% vegan-friendly Chocolate Honeycomb Syrup. 

As part of our latest range of Chocaholic Chocolate Syrups, our vegan honeycomb syrup is perfect for adding to your favourite sweet treats, whether you're making your own vegan pancakes, vegan waffles or other classic vegan desserts or simply just adding to ice cream, we guarantee that this syrup will change the way you enjoy desserts. 

About Our Honeycomb Recipe 

chocolate honeycomb vegan syrup


As we mentioned, like all of our existing Chocaholic syrups, this is a dairy-free vegan honeycomb chocolate sauce with an incredibly unique flavour.

What does it taste like?

Combined with our light milk chocolate (vegan) the syrup has classic notes of cinder toffee, honeycomb toffee, caramel and vanilla. It's also got a hint of dark chocolate which gives it a rich depth of flavour. It tastes much like your classic beloved honeycomb bars available in local supermarkets.

When to use it?

There are thousands if not millions of perfectly unique vegan desserts that our new sauces can be used with, but here are our top 5: 


Chocolate brownie recipe with chocolate honeycomb

  • Chocolate Brownies -  The best thing about brownies is that they're completely customisable, you can add your own flavours and toppings to develop different results in each bake. With a wide variety of vegan alternative brownie mixtures and recipes available online, a Chocolate Honeycomb Brownie would definitely be a go-to dessert for the entire family. Plus you can keep it sealed in an airtight container and enjoy it throughout the week!


chocolate honeycomb bars cereal bar snacks

  • Chocolate Honeycomb Squares -  Make these delicious square bars to enjoy throughout the week as a substitute breakfast or cereal bar, you can combine your favourite variety of nuts, grains & oats with our Chocolate Honeycomb Sauce and tray bake. They're great for on-the-go snacking or enjoying in the office with a cuppa!


chocolate honeycomb dipped cookies


  • Chocolate Honeycomb Dipped Cookies -  Trading out the vegan chocolate chips for something a little more decadent, why not try the honeycomb-dipped cookies? You can choose to make whatever biscuits or cookie flavours suit your mood, once cooled take a small mixing bowl and pour out your delicious dairy-free chocolate syrup for dunking. Dip your cookies halfway (or all the way if your a chocaholic like us) and leave them to cool on a griddled tray. 


honeycomb chocolate molten cake


  • Molten Chocolate Cake - Ok, so you're a bit more of a dessert expert looking for a challenge? Try your hands at making a molten chocolate cake using our honeycomb syrup, let the sauce ooze from the sweet chocolate cake casing and combine it with rich milk chocolate & honeycomb syrup. Sprinkle on the extra broken honeycomb for an additional flare 


chocolate honeycomb milkshake


  • Chocolate Honeycomb Milkshake - Want a sweet creamy chocolate treat? This chocolate honeycomb recipe for milkshakes is quick, and simple & will get your chocolate fix sorted within 5 minutes, taking your favourite milk alternative of choice ( we use oat milk) and pairing it with your chocolate of choice, blend together, combine our chocolate honeycomb syrup and blend for an additional 3 minutes - and Voila! 

Vegan Honeycomb FAQs


Is Honeycomb Vegan-friendly? 

Absolutely, some time's hard to find alternatives to milk chocolate for vegan honeycomb chocolate, but honeycomb on a whole is completely vegan - this is because no real honey is used - rather it's toffee that forms honeycomb pieces. 

What is honeycomb chocolate? 

As mentioned honeycomb chocolate treats are rarely ever made with real honeycomb, this is because honeycomb has more of a wax-like texture, honeycomb in chocolate is usually what's known as 'honeycomb toffee' coated in chocolate coating, it's most commonly seen in chocolate bars.

What's the difference between cinder toffee and honeycomb?

Honeycomb toffee is also known as cinder toffee, which is the puff candy that is found in most chocolate honeycomb bars and candies. Traditional honeycomb is derived from honey and is not vegan-friendly.

Our Other Vegan Chocolate Sauces: 

Alongside our greatest vegan honeycomb sauce, we have developed 9 other additional vegan chocolate dessert sauces that can be paired with your favourite puds. Here's a little look at the rest of our latest sauces!


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