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The Skinny Food Co Christmas Gift Guide

The Skinny Food Co Christmas Gift Guide - theskinnyfoodco

Food Christmas Gifts 

From amazing ready-to-go gift ideas to some festive bakes, you’ll have gift-giving down to perfection! Believe in your-elf because this gift guide will leave you ready for Christmas in no time!

Don’t forget, the 1st of December is right around the corner, so now is a perfect time to get your hands on our brand-new low sugar Advent Calendars – available in both milk and white chocolate!


We wanted to show you how you can tick off your list with our amazing gift ideas to suit everyone’s tastes and needs .... and to simplify your Christmas shopping; 


Be sure to check out more of our amazing bundles on our website – from Gluten Free to Keto, there is one for everyone! All of our products are Diabetic friendly too, meaning everyone can still enjoy that sweet, Christmassy taste! 


Our Vegan Collection features 5 of our favourite products, the delicious Caramel Creamer and Blackcurrant Jam are sure to be a hit for those with a sweet tooth, as well as our Garlic and Herb sauce for all the savoury fans! 

Skinny Food Gift Selection


For all of our chocolate fans out there, we’ve got 2 amazing Chocoholic Spreads to add to our already incredible collection; mint and salted caramel! You can buy these of a bundle of 4, 6 or separately, and would make great stocking fillers and even better Secret Santa gifts, a definite win! 


If you wanted to bring a bit of warmth and comfort to your Christmas gifts, be sure to check out some of our Autumn favourites too - we’ve got you covered with this one! Featuring some delicious Honeycomb Coffee and Billionaires Shortbread Syrup this bundle can be used to make some amazing wintery drinks and desserts. Our Gingerbread Biscuit Flavour Drops can be added to everything and anything; from baking recipes to drinks, these are sure to add a festive flavour – why not make your own low sugar Gingerbread biscuits to gift to friends and family! 


We have created some amazing Christmas themed syrups to add to our huge collection already, from Mulled Wine to Mince Pie, you can add a touch of Christmas to every desert this winter, with less calories but still the same amazing taste! 


For all of our coffee lovers out there, what’s better than our new Christmas Barista Syrups – including a festive Eggnog flavour and our new Amaretto Barista Syrup can add a bit of warmth to any coffee! Christmas markets may be on hold this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the same amazing drinks and festivities - our new Gingerbread Biscuit Barista Syrup  can provide just the same feeling!


 If baking homemade gifts is more your thing check out our Instagram page for the recipe for these amazing Chocolate Truffles using our brand-new delicious Mint and Salted Caramel Chocoholic Spreads – with only 100 calories per truffle, what more could you ask for! The video is available now on our YouTube, as well as some more amazing baking ideas, so check them out! 


Skinny Food Baking
With these great ideas, you’ll be sleigh-in Christmas morning!


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