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Our NEW Low Sugar Skinny Cookies Have Just Dropped!

Our NEW Low Sugar Skinny Cookies Have Just Dropped! - theskinnyfoodco

Introducing our NEW Skinny Cookies!

You heard that right, we have expanded our Skinny Food Co Healthy Snack Range AGAIN and have just launched our delicious Cookies in 3 different flavours - just for you.

Don’t leave your hot drink lonely, our Skinny Cookies make the perfect partner with your cuppa! Our New Skinny Cookies also enable healthy snacking as they are low sugar and low calories, you're welcome.

Why should you consider purchasing this product?

  • Sugar Free/Low Sugar
  • Less than 65 Calories Per Cookie
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Guilt Free Snacking

Available in Peanut, Coconut and Chocolate Chip flavours, we guarantee our Skinny Cookies will become some of your new cupboard staple. Delicious, crumbly and moreish - and not to mention they are also low sugar and low calorie!

Peanut Flavour

Peanut Cookies by Skinny Food Co

What do they taste like?

Nutty, crumbly and delicious. 

We guarantee our Peanut Flavoured Skinny Cookies will be your new cupboard staple - and not to mention they are also low sugar!

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Coconut Flavour

Coconut Cookies With Skinny Food Co


What do they taste like?

Fruity, creamy and nutty - we just know you're going to love our Coconut Flavoured Skinny Cookies!

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Chocolate Chip


What do they taste like?

Chocolatey, crumbly and more-ish, our classic Chocolate Chip Skinny Cookies will have you wanting more ... but don't worry about overdoing it as they are completely sugar free!

Struggling to decide on which flavour to choose?

    Struggling which flavour of our Skinny Cookies to choose? We got you - introducing our new Skinny Cookies Bundle! Including Coconut, Peanut and Chocolate Chip Cookie flavours.

    Shop the bundle. 

    Bundle of Cookies


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