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New Product Launch: Smooth Chocolate Bar

New Product Launch: Smooth Chocolate Bar - theskinnyfoodco

The simple healthy chocolate bar, introducing our new smooth chocolate bar, as part of the chocaholic collection, our silky smooth chocolate is the perfect late-night snack or tea-time break. Pair this delicious chocolate treat with one of our flavoured coffees for an all-around guilt-free confectionary delight. 

Why Try Our Chocaholic Smooth Bar?

  • 151 Calories per serving
  • 90% less sugar than leading brands
  • Zero Palm Oil 
  • Gluten-Free 

Is your smooth chocolate bar gluten-free? 

Of course! We understand the difficulties of finding nice-tasting allergen-friendly chocolates & sweets. That's why at The Skinny Food Co, we aim to improve and develop our recipes to ensure we are able to cater to a number of different dietary needs and plans.

How many calories are in a chocolate bar? 

On average, there are 250 calories in a singular chocolate bar, making our smooth chocaholic chocolate bar 99 calories less than the average, providing a healthy alternative, without sacrificing taste.

How Can You Buy These? 

Whether you're looking to pick up a bar to try today, or to bulk by the plan your meal preps, lunch boxes or stock for your small business, our Smooth bars are available online for sale via our website!

Alternatively, you can buy per packet, why not grab a few bags to try today? 

If you want to know more about our latest products to be added to our fantastic range of Chocaholic pieces, take a read of our Chocaholic blog- we go into detail about our great new line of products, their nutritional values and what they can be used for.


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