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New Product Launch: Chocolate almonds

New Product Launch: Chocolate almonds - theskinnyfoodco

These delightfully sweet chocolate-covered almonds are an ideal snack for lunchtime or late-night bites. They’re gluten-free, low-Cal and low in sugar. Also known as ‘almond Supremes' these tasty treats are well worth the hype. 

How many calories are in chocolate-covered almonds? 

Our chocolate-covered almonds are considered a low-Cal and healthy alternative to major retailers, using the finest and healthiest ingredients each pack is only 201 calories. 

Why Try Our Chocolate Coated Almonds?

  • High in Fibre 
  • Only 206 Calories 
  • Zero Palm Oil 
  • Gluten-Free 
  • Enables Healthy Snacking

How Can You Buy These? 

You can buy our chocaholic chocolate almonds online via our website here, they are available as individual or bulk orders, Making it ideal for your small business to stock healthy skinny snacks for your customers or partners. Or your weekly meal preps & family lunch boxes.  

Alternatively, you can buy per packet, why not grab a few bags to try today? 

If you want to know more about our latest products to be added to our fantastic range of Chocaholic pieces, take a read of our Chocaholic blog- we go into detail about our great new line of products, their nutritional values and what they can be used for.



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