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New Product Launch: Chocaholic Crisp Bar

New Product Launch: Chocaholic Crisp Bar - theskinnyfoodco

Our chewy & chocolaty chocolate crisp bar is another great addition to our latest chocaholic collection, with 90% fewer sugars than the leading market brand without compromising the wonderful chocolaty taste


Why Try Our Chocaholic Crisp Bar?

  • No added sugars
  • 140 Calories per serving
  • 90% less sugar than leading brands
  • Zero Palm Oil 
  • Gluten-Free 
  • Enables Healthy Snacking

High Protein Chocolate

Our Chocolate crisp bars are also considered to be high in protein, making them a perfect post-workout treat. It’s important to keep a high-protein diet if you’re trying to build and maintain muscle as your body will use the protein to repair muscle tissues. 

Whether you're replacing your typical chocolate bars for our healthy substitute or looking to enhance your lunchbox experience we promise the Chocaholic Crisp Bar is the ultimate snack during lunch break or to have on the go. They're also great for an after-workout snack to get a quick source of protein. 



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