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New & Improved Service and Warehouse

New & Improved Service and Warehouse - theskinnyfoodco


At The Skinny Food Co,  one of our goals, along with providing you with the best healthier alternative products on the market, has always been to provide outstanding customer service. To assist us in achieving this goal, we've invested extensively and changed some aspects of our operation.

Why we switched to Evri

We've previously used Evri from the X of August to the X of October because of the Royal Mail postal strikes. We wanted our orders to arrive as soon as possible without any significant delay.

Unfortunately, we had a lot of trouble shipping out orders whilst using Evri due to an unexpected increase in complaints regarding slow shipping times and instances where orders were lost or damaged. As a result, we reverted back to just using Royal Mail for our UK shipments.

Moving back to Royal Mail

We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by recent deliveries made through Evri. However, we worked hard to resolve all of the issues caused by Evri and reshipped any orders via Royal Mail.

We were trying to be completely transparent and honest when switching from Royal Mail to Evri, but after listening to our customers' feedback, we've seen an immediate increase in performance since returning to Royal Mail for shipping.

New Centralised Warehouse

We moved into our shiny new warehouse on the 14th of November. It’s bigger than the previous one, which means we can stock more products, and we can now offer better customer service. Our new warehouse has been built to meet the needs of our growing business, enabling us to keep up with the demands of our loyal customers.


About Our New Warehouse

  • 55,000 Square Feet
  • Over 5,000 Pallets 

How will this move to a new warehouse improve service?

We previously had several warehouses dotted around different parts of the UK, which meant we had to move order stock into our Nottingham warehouse before shipping them out to our customers. Now having all our inventory in one location means we can ship orders faster than ever before. The new warehouse will also help by

  • Keeping more items in stock for longer periods
  • Next Day deliveries will now be available throughout the UK (subject to order cut off time) 
  • A shorter lead time means faster deliveries.
We're able to store more products and keep expanding our product line of healthy alternative foods and drinks.


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