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New Product Launch: Chocolate Malt Balls

New Product Launch:  Chocolate Malt Balls - theskinnyfoodco

New Product Launch: Chocolate Malt Balls 

Introducing our new improved recipe to our highly-sought after chocolate malt balls! Unlike the market leading brand, our chocolate malt balls are gluten-free making them allergen friendly, Low-Cal and low in sugars. 

These chocolaty snacks are perfect for an on-the-move nibble, coated in milk chocolate with a crispy centre there’s nothing to hate! Grab your bag of our Chocolate Malt Balls Today!

Why Try Our Chocaholic Smooth Bar?

  • 89 Calories per serving
  • 84% less sugar than leading brands
  • Zero Palm Oil 
  • Gluten-Free 

Maltesers Comparison Chocolate Malt Balls

What makes us different? 

We pride ourselves on providing healthy alternatives to famous leading market branded chocolate, sweets, syrups & sauces. We want to encourage a healthy relationship with food, rather than strict diets, we like to adjust the sugar, carbs & Cal percentages to ensure our customers get to eat more of what they love! 

The chocaholic malt balls are no exception, we’ve focused heavily on providing classic family favourite chocolate treats, and making them allergen accessible, with a better nutritional value. 

Compared to Maltesers our sweet treats have almost 90% less sugar than  making us a healthy alternative without compromising on flavour. 

When To Use ? 

Chocaholic Chocolate Malt Ball Cases

If you (like us) count yourself as a chocoholic - then you have to try our new improved formula for our chocolate malt balls. They're perfect for almost any occasion. Including: 

  • Pack lunch boxes snacks 
  • On-the-go nibbles 
  • Pre & post workout treat 
  • Movie nights 




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