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Kick-start Your Health Journey with The Skinny Food Co. and Amazon Shipping

Kick-start Your Health Journey with The Skinny Food Co. and Amazon Shipping - theskinnyfoodco

News just in - we’ve upgraded our delivery service to Amazon Shipping, which means it’s never been easier to buy your favourite health and nutrition products from The Skinny Food Co.

We know that sometimes when you get a craving for a healthy snack, quick delivery is very enticing. We appreciate you want to gain access to all our tastiest products via Amazon shipping. So that’s why we’ve made a change for the better. 

Fast snack and healthy food delivery

Whether you’re at the very start of your health journey or you’re well on your way to hitting your fitness goals, we understand the importance of convenient and reliable delivery.

Our mission is to offer you top-quality products and everyday essentials that will nourish your body and satisfy your taste buds. And thanks to our partnership with Amazon Shipping, we’ve taken the hassle out of deliveries, too!

The benefits of having access to Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping provides delivery options to suit every busy schedule, including seven days a week and an evening delivery service. That means it’s quick and easy to restock your pantry with our essentials range or treat yourself to some of our tasty protein-packed snacks. 

Our co-founders, James Whiting and Wayne Starkey, are delighted to work with Amazon to provide a seamless delivery experience to our customers. James says, “I've been truly impressed by the assistance and support I've received, particularly during my introduction to Amazon Shipping. Their round-the-clock availability for assistance has been exceptional. It's a delight to collaborate with them.

Wayne says, “The Skinny Food Co. benefits greatly from the reliable and user-friendly Amazon Shipping service. Delegating the task of onboarding new clients to the team has revolutionised our operations, providing invaluable advice and a flexible approach that not only benefits us but also enhances the experience for our customers.

With their assistance, we've been able to seamlessly scale up the volume of parcels shipped, particularly during peak periods, ensuring that our customers receive their orders promptly and efficiently."


Try out Amazon Shipping for yourself

What are you waiting for? With Amazon Shipping, it only takes a few clicks to get your hands on our products! So, if you’re ready to elevate your health and fitness, check out our full range of delicious, nutritious snacks and meal ingredients. 

From guilt-free sauces and syrups to mouth-watering chocolates and low-carb food cupboard staples, upgrade your meal plan with The Skinny Food Co. today. 




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