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Introducing our New Skinny Instant Coffee!

Introducing our New Skinny Instant Coffee! - theskinnyfoodco

Introducing our New Skinny Instant Coffee!

Attention all coffee lovers, we have your next fix. 

Our New Range of Skinny Instant Coffee is not only convenient and delicious tasting, it's also low sugar and high protein!

All you require to add is boiling hot water and then you can enjoy the bursting and smooth flavours of luxurious coffee. Perfect for a morning pick me up or mid/late afternoon tasty drink. There is no need to add any sugar or milk, simply add hot water and enjoy every sip. 

Sit back and relax with this delicious coffee, blended with the unmissable taste of baking and sweet snacks. 

Why consider our Skinny Instant Coffee?

  • Instant Coffee
  • High Protein
  • Just add hot water

How to use:

  • Simply add half a flat teaspoon (3g serving).
  • Top up with 250-300ml of boiling hot water
  • If you love flavoured coffee, add some of our Barista Syrups to add that extra bit of delicious taste.

Available in:

High Protein Coffee Collection





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