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How To Easily Become More Sustainable

How To Easily Become More Sustainable - theskinnyfoodco

Are you looking to become more sustainable? There are several ways that you can become more environmentally friendly and conscious within your lifestyle. From checking the ingredients in your food products to thinking twice about where you buy your clothing from, the list goes on. By becoming more sustainable, not only are you producing less waste but it supports the well-being of you and your community by helping the environment. 

Whether you choose sustainable food, sustainable fashion or a completely new sustainable lifestyle, making any change can make a massive difference and today, we're here to give you some tips on how to do so. 

1) Sustainable Clothing
Fast fashion has recently become a massive issue in the clothing industry. Because of this, organic clothing and sustainably sourced garments have been a big statement for several big brands such as H&M, Levis and Monki. By purchasing from brands such as these, as well as wholly sustainably-sourced brands such as Origin and Salt, you will find that they have much better ethos and values.

To go that one step further, why not try thrifting? By buying your clothes second hand, you are essentially recycling and giving already-made garments a longer lifeline, as well as keeping plastic out of landfills. Don't sweat it, you can find some gems in charity shops! 

2) Sustainable Cleaning
For a fully sustainable lifestyle, you must look at all areas. When choosing your cleaning products, you should opt for Eco-Friendly brands such as Ocean Saver and EarthBits. These types of brands will be all for recycling and creating products with ingredients that do not cause further pollution in the air and our seas.

3) Sustainable Cosmetics
The cosmetic industry is a massive contributor to harming our environment. The toxic chemicals used by certain companies end up down drains and in the ocean, thus affecting aquatic species and livestock. By avoiding supporting businesses who undergo such operations, and using brands such as Wearth London and Green People, you will be doing your part in avoidance of these acts.

Additionally, try to use reusable make-up wipes and cloths so that you aren't throwing away cotton pads and wool every day. There are several environmentally friendly personal care brands available too!

4) Sustainable Food
Lastly, we have food. When carrying out your weekly shop, we recommend that you check the labels of your products. If you are thinking of going palm oil-free, WWF suggests that you, instead, cut it out in only certain areas and source sustainable palm oil products instead of cutting it out completely as it is an extremely efficient crop.

Here at The Skinny Food Co, we make it our mission to source all of our products sustainably and in favour of our planet. All of our spreads are palm oil-free, not to mention our entire product menu uses fully recyclable packaging, and we package our products using pre-used resources. We always carefully consider what ingredients we use in every single product, and in most cases, our sauces and syrups, especially, are made up of mostly water!


If you want to find out more about our products, head over to our website, or if you want to see our products in action, we recommend that you check out all of our socials!


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