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The Different Types Of Pumpkins

The Different Types Of Pumpkins - theskinnyfoodco

As we get closer to Halloween, you may start to think about decorating your home, and with Halloween decorations comes carved pumpkins, if you're looking to pull out all the stops this year, why not try carving a different type of pumpkin for your traditional orange squat pumpkin

There are a number of pumpkin varieties, whether they are unique based on their dense flesh, textures & flavours. With some offering sweet flavours ideal for pies, and others offering a bitterness that is best brought out in curries & soups. 

Or whether they are varying from colours such as the popular dark orange pumpkins, or the lesser known blue pumpkins. Pumpkins can even vary depending on size & feel whether they have deep ribbing, slight ribbing or smooth white skin. 

Let's explore some of the most (and least) common pumpkin types

Traditional Pumpkin 

classic large organge pumpkins for halloween

 Ok! Let's get the classic pumpkin out of the way, arguably the most popular pumpkin choice, used for a variety of meals such as pumpkin pies, pumpkin curries and even pumpkin soups. This deep orange in colour pumpkins have been a Halloween staple for many years, it's almost impossible to picture Halloween without thinking of orange pumpkins.

Pros of orange flesh pumpkins 

  • They are hands down the perfect pumpkin for carving - due to their almost flawlessly smooth skin and average weight.
  • Excellent pumpkin pies & other baking opportunities - due to the sweet flesh.
  • Autumn Vibes - From pumpkin patch picking to trick or treating, there's something so nostalgic about the classic pumpkin

Miniature Pumpkins

Miniature pumpkin

Known by many names such as Jack Be Little, Baby Boo Pumpkins, Munchkin Pumpkins & Miniature Pumpkins these small green or orange in colour pumpkins are almost 1/4 the size of a traditional pumpkin.

These mini pumpkins are unsurprisingly a favourite amongst young children (and young adults!) as they offer the qualities of a typical pumpkin, with added cuteness!

Pros of Mini Pumpkins

  • Sweet Taste -  offering the classic flavoursome taste of regular pumpkins, these mini versions offer similar tasty flesh ideal for pies, puddings & curries.
  • Excellent decorating opportunities - these petite decorative pumpkins are perfect for table toppers during the festive season of Halloween. You can also carve them just as the traditional pumpkins (however, this may be slightly trickier due to their smaller size).

Different Coloured Pumpkins

Green Pumpkin 

Fear not, these green skin medium-sized pumpkins (also known as Kabocha Squash, Japanese Pumpkin / Japanese Squash) are highly sought-after popular plants and completely edible. Although they're typically not in most local supermarkets. 
Pros of Kabocha
  • Moist Flesh & edible skin - like their bright orange counterpart, the green varieties of pumpkins offer a classic nutty flavour with a smooth texture
  • High in Beta carotene - a pigment that is found in most root vegetables, plants & fruits and is converted into Vitamin A - which promotes better vision, immune system, reproduction & growth

White Pumpkins

miniature white pumpkins

Arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing pumpkins, especially when considering Jack O'Lantern decorations or Halloween home decorations. They offer a more subtle design aesthetic than most bright colour pumpkins and are also easy to paint and colour at home for uniqueness. 

White pumpkin varieties are also known by the following: Casper pumpkins, White Pie & Lumia pumpkins - whilst the colourless skin may not look appetising, rest assured the white pumpkins are just as edible as their orange skin brothers & sisters. 

Pros of White Pumpkins

  •  Aesthetic - The white pumpkins are definitely the most 'Instagramable' of the collection, with a variety of sizes they make the perfect fairytale pumpkins. They're also easily carvable for unique jack o'lantern styles 
  • Multi-purposeful - due to the sheer variety of shapes and styles such as Valencia or the Lumina, the white pumpkins have a variety of purposes, a Valencia is more suited to larger displays and whole baking, whereas a Lumina are known for their smooth flesh and delicious sweeter taste.

Warty Pumpkins

Warty skin pumpkins are absolutely ideal for decorating, there's nothing that says spooky, scary Halloween house more than warty pumpkins. These huge pumpkins go by a few names from Warty Goblin to Galeux d'Eysines. These pimpled pumpkins are typically oval shape with rough and ribbed skin. Whilst they are not the most common choice for cooking, the Marina Di Chioggia offers sweet flavours for baking. 

  • Unique look - Covered in green vines, these peanut pumpkins often have a hard exterior with green stripes, vines or warts - they are one of the largest pumpkin sizes available with blistered skin and deep ridges they may not look the prettiest, but they definitely create a unique look for Halloween decorations (not suitable for jack o'lantern or pumpkin carving) 
  • Scent - If you're looking for that iconic slightly sweet pumpkin smell, then look no further, the warty orange giant pumpkins are by far the most potent for scent!

There's no denying that pumpkins really do embody the spirit of Autumn & Halloween, whether it's through the famous Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the crazy pumpkin carving designs, or the Autumn recipes you just can't stop cooking. There's something magical about the autumnal vegetable. 



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