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Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate Alternative

Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate Alternative - theskinnyfoodco

We’re assuming you’re here because you’ve heard the disappointing news that Costa will not be reintroducing their best-selling Black Forest Hot Chocolate to their festive collection this year, and it’s safe to say there was some uproar… 

With consumers across the UK sharing their frustrations via social media 

@veldaelliott writes “The Only Christmas coffee thing I look forward to is @CostaCoffee’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate and THEY ARE NOT DOING IT ANYMORE.”


velda elliott tweet

Another customer adds “I cannot tell you how happy I am that it’s the hot chocolate season again. But so sad that costa isn’t doing Black Forest hot chocolate this year”

Tales of writing tweet

With @Sharkness03 said “The Fact that @CostaCoffee has decided not to do the Black Forest Hot Chocolate this year has ruined my life”


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It’s clear that Hot Chocolate lovers all around the UK were disappointed by Costa’s decision-making in finalising their Festive Menu, and were left missing out on their favourite Christmas drink. 

Which is why we’ve listened… 

Our Black Forest Hot Chocolate Alternative 

Indulge in your favourite Hot Chocolate recipe this Festive Season, Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate is known for being incredibly decedent, with hints of rich dark chocolate and a combination of tart & tangy cherries. 

We’ve mastered a healthier (and more affordable!) alternative to Costas's best-selling Hot Choc drink, using our fan-favourite 'Black Forest Gateau Syrup'

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the stats…

Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate Calories & Nutritional Info

Our Black Forest Hot Chocolate is less than 58 calories per serving (455ml) compared to the leading brand's alternative which is 432 calories per serving (455ml). 

Not to mention, our Black Forest Hot Chocolate is only 1.6g of Fat, but leading coffee shops are a whopping 26.5g of fat per serving! - Making ours a no-brainer, healthier alternative across the board.

We’re also 78% less sugar than the leading brands, and best of all we’re 100% vegan-friendly. 

But What About The Price?

Black forest gateau syrup for hot chocolate

Yes, you get it! We’re the better & healthier alternative to your favourite leading brands' Hot Chocolate creations, but what about the price? With Christmas around the corner, every penny counts, and we’re here to help you save where you can without sacrificing the things you love! 

One Hot Chocolate at a leading branded Coffee Shop would have cost you: £3.13 

Whereas our Black Forest Hot Chocolate Bundle will last you over 100 servings and will cost you: 12p per cup (Ingredients Cocoa Powder 5p Per Serving, Creamer 4p Per Serving, Black Forest Syrup 3p Per Serving)

This means you can enjoy 26 Cups of our Black Forest Hot Chocolate before paying the price of one Black Forest Hot Chocolate from the leading UK Coffee Retailers.

How To Make Costa Black Forest Hot Chocolate 


Optional Extras

  • 5g Grated Chocolate (25 Calories)
  • 2 Tsp Whipped Cream (38 Calories)


  • Combine the Cocoa Powder with 350ml of hot water 
  • Stir in 100ml of the Original Creamer 
  • Pump 2 Tsp of Black Forest Gateau Syrup and mix it together 
  • Bring to a boil if using a pan on the stove, and simmer gently. 
  • Serve


This Hot Chocolate recipe is truly out of this world, it offers great tastes & flavours of your favourite Black Forest Hot Chocolate, without the added calories, fats & sugars. 

But don't just believe us, believe our loyal customers too 

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