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Brand New Milk Chocolate Chocoholic Spread!

Brand New Milk Chocolate Chocoholic Spread! - theskinnyfoodco

 You asked, and we delivered! Introducing our brand new Milk Chocoholic Spread...


A nut free milk chocolate spread has been suggested to us so much, we just had to add this low sugar, silky smooth, velvety spread to the collection! This can be enjoyed on absolutely anything your sweet tooth desires; pancakes, waffles, ice cream, cakes or straight from the spoon! With 92% less sugar than any other brand, you can enjoy this guilt free! 

It’s an ideal topper for toast, instantly making any bowl of Weetabix or slice of toast far more exciting. It's the perfect topper for pancakes alongside some Skinny Food Co's Chocolate Crispies and some juicy strawberries! At only 25 calories per serving, there are endless possibilities to enjoy this spread! 

We've compared this to some market-leading and supermarket brands to show you just how great this is! Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Spread not only has palm oil included, it also contains 52g of sugar, per 100g, whilst Skinny Food Co.'s spread contains only 4.9g of sugar, per 100g! One popular supermarket's own spread also contains a whopping 43g of sugar, meaning per 5g serving, there is 2.13g of sugar. So, why not try Skinny Food Co.'s milk chocoholic spread, with <0.5g of sugar per 5g of serving! Sounds like the best option to us! 

So why should you consider purchasing this product? The amazing taste aside, our spreads remain to contain; 

  • 92% Less Sugar
  • Zero Palm Oil
  • Great tasting
  • Low Calories
  • Enables you to enjoy a low sugar/low calorie Chocolate Spread
  • Only 25 calories per serving.

 We can't wait to see what amazing ideas you come up with so make sure to tag us in any posts! 


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