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Wanting to have your favourite chocolatey treat on a daily basis without any of the guilt? Try out Skinny Food Co’s White Chocolate zero calorie syrup. White chocolate with 0 calories… yes you read it right!

Perfect for dressing up a stack of pancakes on a Sunday morning or simply adding a squirt into your evening hot chocolate to make things even more chocolatey. This white chocolate zero calorie syrup will be your new household essential.

Available in an easy squirt 425ml bottle to avoid any unfortunate spills from you or the kids to make it easy use for the whole family. What could be better?

Completely guilt free

Skinny Food Co thought - “why should our jeans have to suffer for our insane love of white chocolate” and created a solution. This zero calorie, sugar-free, fat-free syrup is a perfect addition to your morning sweet feast.  

White chocolate has always been given a bad reputation as the “unhealthiest type of chocolate” due to its high sugar and fat content. But now you can say goodbye to the guilt you experience after indulging in a bar or 2 when you’re really craving a sugar boost with this new product.  

What does it taste like?

Just like your favourite white chocolate, in a smooth, dreamy sauce that can be added to all sorts of things. Just imagine the possibilities. Try it with hot milk and create your own comforting white hot chocolate at home. Now our taste buds are really tingling.

Try out new recipes with your zero calorie white chocolate syrup such as milkshakes and brownies to create a fun and healthy sweet treat that you’ll be sure to want to show off to your friends and family on Instagram #skinnytreat.

Sugarwise certified - sugar-free

Another great plus to this product is that it has been fully certified by Sugarwise. Sugarwise is a certification company that is responsible for certifying that products are 100% sugar and calorie free. So you will have no worries about trusting this too good to be true product. When you see the sugarwise logo, you can be totally reassured that your product is sugar and calorie free.

Who wouldn’t want a healthy dose of white chocolate to add to their morning coffee or porridge bowl without the high sugar content?

The average bar of white chocolate bar weighing 85g is made up of over 50g of sugar and 27.3g of fat which is sure to put a spanner into anyone's healthy lifestyle, so why not treat yourself to the same delicious taste and flavour but without a single gram of the guilt.



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