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Pancakes, arguably one of the best sweet treats. But how many times have you sat on the sofa hoping for pancakes to magically appear because you can’t be bothered to try and make a pancake mixture? Well, fret no more. You don’t need to attempt to whisk together exactly the right amount of milk, eggs and flour.  

Nor do you need to turn your kitchen into a messy pancake mixture explosion. We’ve done the hard work for you, and not only made the perfect pancake blend, but we’ve also made it guilt free. You’re welcome. Now you can have low sugar, low-fat pancakes in minutes, thanks to our nifty pancake mix.

As you may have seen, we’ve got a ton of mouth-watering syrups, which make the ideal topping for pancakes. But what does the pancake mixture taste like and how easy is it to use? Here’s the next instalment of our ‘snack in the spotlight’ series. Read on to get the lowdown on our #notguilty Skinny Food pancake mix.. 

All of the flavour, none of the prep

If you’re in a rush, not the best chef or simply want an easy #guiltfree snack then you’ll love this mixture. All you need to do is:

  1. Add 40ml of milk or water to a cup or bowl.
  2. Then, add one tablespoon of the mixture and whisk until the formula is free from lumps.
  3. Leave to stand for 30 to 60 seconds
  4. Add the mixture to a boiling hot frying pan with some low-calorie cooking spray. Cook for one and a half minutes on each side, and voila - a delicious pancake.


It’s so simple. You can’t go wrong. If you follow the instructions and use the correct amounts, you won’t end up with pancakes that are too thick or too thin or worse, lumpy and broken. So if you want to make perfect pancakes every time, give our mixture a go at home. Don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself and see.

So, what do they taste like exactly?

Well, pancakes obviously - but nice ones. They’ve got just the right consistency so that they turn   nice and fluffy on the inside. Often when you try and make your own ones at home, you might include too much milk or flour, resulting in less than tasty pancakes. Fail. At least with this reliable mixture you know you’ll get consistently good pancakes.


Drizzle some #notguilty chocolate or salted caramel sauce for a heavenly snack. And the best bit, you don’t have to stress about your calorie or sugar intake because this mixture results in less than 27 calories per pancake.

A Sugarwise certified product

This product is  Sugarwise  certified. That means its certified free from added sugars. So if you’re watching your weight or sugar intake for health reasons, you can rest assured that there’s no unnecessary sugar in this product. Some of the toppings we put on pancakes, like chocolate, fruit and honey can be jam-packed with sugar, so there’s no need to make the mixture overly sweet.


All the flavour, none of the guilt

It’s our aim to produce #guiltfree snacks that are not only low in sugar but low in calories. And at 27 calories per pancake, you can tuck into a stack of pancakes without worrying about exceeding your daily calorie intake.


A versatile mixture

We’ve got lots of low fat and low-calorie products that compliment this mixture. For example, instead of using a fatty cooking oil, try using one of our low-calorie cooking sprays. And you can have low sugar toppings too by using some of our zero calorie, fat-free, sugar-free syrups. White chocolate anyone? Or perhaps you’re more of a   person - try our strawberry jello flavour. Create the ultimate pancakes and enjoy pure #guiltfree indulgence.



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