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Competition Winner Announced: £500 Giveaway

Competition Winner Announced: £500 Giveaway - theskinnyfoodco

At The Skinny Food Co, we recently hosted a competition for our loyal customers,  we were looking for the biggest fans of our products, we asked our customers to tell us how Skinny Food Co had helped them change their eating habits

 With thousands of responses, on Wednesday the 9th of November, we visited the winner to share the good news. 

Tracy Yeaman, from Scunthorpe was our lucky winner. Tracy has been a long-time Skinny Food Co customer, with sharing her love for SFC since early 2020, we were delighted to sit down with Tracy and talk about her favourite Skinny Food Co products and why she decided to make the swap to our healthy alternatives. 

“So Tracy, You made the switch to Skinny Food Co products back in 2020, what brought you to our products?” 

I started using your products when a friend had suggested the healthy alternatives to me, we were both in the process of losing weight, she was further along than I was and had mentioned zero calorie & zero sugar sauces & syrups as a great substitute. 

Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with Athritis, COPD & Diabetes, and have struggled to lose as much weight as I was before, especially since COVID. 

However, The Skinny Food Co products have helped me maintain my blood sugar levels, my doctors are always happy with my levels whenever I have a visit, and I always tell them that it’s because of SFC products, I can’t thank SFC enough, the sauces and syrups really do let me enjoy my diet without feeling like I’m missing out”

“ You mentioned a little that our syrups and sauces were high on your list of favourites, do you have any in particular that you love or can’t go without?” 

 There’s so many, I think I’ve genuinely tried all of your products, and there’s hundreds of them now.  I use so many of them on a day-today basis, I love the barista syrups in my coffees and have recently started using them with ice cream sundaes which is an absolute must try! 

I started off buying simple products, I really liked the low sugar jams and marmalades, one jar turned in to two, and before I knew it, I was getting samples of everything. 

My favourite sauces are the Salted Caramel & Chocolate Orange 

And I absolutely love your snacking range, after being diagnosed with Diabetes, I never thought I'd be able to snack, especially sweet snacking, but the Chocaholic Snack Pots are perfect! 

"Is there anything you'd like to see in the future from Skinny Food Co products?"

As I mentioned, your products have such a wide range, and I've worked my way through every page of the website I'd say, I think I'd love to see some more Chocaholic bars, the new range is brilliant, I received a sample in one of my orders and it was the best chocolate I had ever tried! 

I'd love to see some more chocolate bar flavours or even some low-fat ice creams.

"Obviously, we're here today because you were the lucky winner of our £500 giveaway, have you got anything planned for your winnings?" 


Christmas is right around the corner, and we used to have a family tradition of going away before Christmas, which unfortunately we haven't been able to do the last few years due to COVID, but this year it's back on, so the family are going to Malaga and coming home just in time for Christmas, when I'll be hosting a dinner for 16 people! 

The winnings has been such an unexpected surprise, with the cost of living at the moment it just takes that bit of ease off and it means we can go out for a meal and celebrate!


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