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Weekly Low Sugar High Protein Snack Plan

Weekly Low Sugar High Protein Snack Plan - theskinnyfoodco

Are you struggling to choose healthy snacks? We understand how it feels. 

According to Statista's Global Consumer Survey, crisps, cookies and chocolate bars are the UK’s favourite snacks. When hunger pangs start to hit, it’s all too easy to reach for these sugary, high-calorie snacks. 

And while these tasty options might offer a brief moment of pleasure, they won't fill you up, so you'll end up eating more. 

The best way to combat this is by swapping out unhealthy snack options for low sugar high protein snacks. 

If you have time to spare, you can get creative and make your own low sugar snacks. 

Otherwise, you can buy a variety of convenient, healthy snacks that are filling, including our snack pots, flapjacks, and protein bars. 

Want to get your snack plan back on track? Read on for healthy snack ideas and tips on implementing a weekly low sugar high protein snack plan!

Weekly Healthy Snack Plan Tips

  • Decide which low sugar snacks you want to enjoy this week. You could bake some healthy snacks using fresh ingredients if you have time. If not, you'll need to stock up your food cupboards with healthy snacks, so you have them to hand when you need them. 
  • Choose high fibre, high protein snacks or low-GI foods to enjoy as snacks, as these will keep you feeling fuller for longer. 
  • Whether you prefer morning snacks or afternoon snacks, you should choose two healthy snacks to enjoy per day. Aim to eat these between meals to keep you going throughout the day. 
  • Skip the snacks if you don't feel hungry at snack time. You should only eat when you're hungry, not just because you're bored. Listen to your body instead of being too strict about what you're eating/not eating. 
  • Still hungry after eating your two healthy snacks? Add more fruit and veg options. Many fruits and vegetables are very low in calories, so you can afford to enjoy an extra handful of berries or an apple without having an impact on your goals. 
  • Make a meal prep plan, too. Eating a nutritious, protein-rich diet will help you feel satisfied for longer, so you won't need to snack as much.
  • Aim for a variety of nutrients. If you're happy eating the same two healthy snacks every day, that's fine. You'll just need to check you're eating a range of nutrients in your main meals. But try to pick a variety of different options from the examples of healthy snacks listed below.

Weekly Healthy Snack Suggestions - (Choose two per day)

  1. Peanut butter and fruit
  2. Nuts, seeds and raisins
  3. Flapjacks - either made from scratch or using a flapjack mix
  4. Homemade protein bar/bought protein bar if you don't have time to make any
  5. Vegetables and hummus
  6. Snack pots
  7. Lean Biltong / beef jerky
  8. Boiled eggs
  9. Oatcakes and nut butter/spread
  10. Low-fat cheese and oatcakes with grapes/apple
  11. High-protein yoghurt with seeds and berries
  12. Avocado on rye bread/sourdough
  13. Celery and cream cheese
  14. Skinny Light snack bar - all under 70 calories and available in Jaffa Cake, salted caramel or double chocolate flavour

Remember, small changes can make a big difference in achieving your health goals. Why not try implementing a weekly low-sugar, high protein snack plan and see how it works for you? 


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