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Vegan Kebab Recipe

Vegan Kebab Recipe - theskinnyfoodco

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy vegan kebab recipe? A vegan kebab is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of a traditional kebab without consuming animal products.

Kebabs are an incredibly popular dish around the world, and for good reason – they're filling, flavourful and usually very easy to prepare. Traditionally, a kebab is made with some form of meat, such as lamb or chicken. However, vegan versions are becoming increasingly popular as well.

This vegan kebab recipe is perfect for anyone looking to make a delicious meat-free meal that’s full of flavour and nutrition. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up this tasty and healthy alternative in no time at all, paired with our delicious Skinny Food Co sauces you can choose to add spice with our hot sauce, and tone down the heat with our delicious Fake-away Kebab Sauce which brings hints of garlic, herbs and mayo. 

Serves: 8 | Prep Time: 20 Minutes | Calories: 204Kcal Per Serving  | Protein 12.4g Per Serving 



Vegan Kebab Meat 

Vegan kebab meat is a great way to enjoy the traditional flavours of a kebab without consuming animal products. There are many vegan-friendly options available, such as seitan, tempeh, tofu, and even jackfruit. Seitan is a popular choice for vegan kebab meat because it has a chewy texture that mimics the texture of real meat. 

For the meat, we've decided to use Tofu as it's easy to flavour and can be made as spiced as you like. 


  • 400g Tofu (drained) 
  • 1 Tsp Paprika 
  • 1 Tsp Black Pepper 
  • 1 Tsp Salt 
  • 1 Tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flakes 
  • 1 Tsp Garlic Granules 
  • 1 Tsp Ground Coriander 

Marinating Tofu

To get the best results for your vegan doner kebab or vegan pita kebab we thoroughly recommend marinating the tofu in your spices as you would meat. To do this, drain the tofu until all liquid is expelled and then simply mix all the spices together in a bowl and then add the tofu. Mix until the tofu is fully coated in the spices and leave to marinade for at least 30 minutes. 

Once marinated, roast the tofu in the oven for 20-25 minutes (180 C / 180 F / Gas Mark 4) and leave to cool for 5 minutes before breaking apart to use as the filling. 

Alternatively, you can also choose to make vegetable kebabs, which will replace the tofu kebabs swapping the tofu for your favourite veggies.

 For veggie kebabs we recommend using: 

  • 1 Large White Onion 
  • 1 Large Courgette 
  • 2 Large Peppers (yellow & red peppers) 
  • 100g Cherry Tomatoes 

 Gently toss the vegetable pieces through the marinade and fry on medium heat until softened, alternatively, you can choose to make veggie skewers by placing the vegetables on bamboo skewers and cooking under the grill (or if during the summer on the BBQ). 


Assembling The Vegan Kebabs

Once we've decided on our vegan filling, whether it's a mixture of colourful veggies or our specially marinated vegan tofu we can begin assembling our kebabs.  



vegan kebab

Creating your own vegan kebab can be unique to each individual, you can choose the perfect amount of fresh veggies to include, whether you want to add a spicy sauce or cool vegan mayonnaise, include dairy-free cheese or keep it simple. We've gone all out with building our filling vegan kebabs and included a BBQ Sauce Kebab, a Hot Fiery Sriracha Kebab and a Cool Mint Greek Yoghurt Kebab.

To assemble the kebabs, start by laying out your Skinny High Protein Wraps and adding a layer of lettuce to each wrap. Then add your chosen vegan filling, whether it's the marinated tofu or the grilled vegetables. Top with fresh bell peppers, cucumber slices and mint leaves. Finally, top with vegan cheese and drizzle over your chosen sauces.

Roll up the wraps and enjoy your vegan kebab.





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