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Vegan Chai Latte

Vegan Chai Latte - theskinnyfoodco

Are you looking for a delicious and vegan-friendly alternative to your regular latte?

We all love a comforting morning coffee, but when it comes to healthier options, vegan chai lattes are a great way to start the day. Chai lattes are made with dairy alternatives such as almond milk or oat milk, making them completely plant-based and avoiding animal products altogether. Plus, they offer a delicious taste with a hint of spices, making it an ideal pick-me-up for your mornings!

Testing out vegan recipes doesn’t have to be tricky. This article will give you an easy recipe on how to make a vegan chai latte in just 4 steps and free from animal products yet still full of flavour!

Vegan Chai Latte Recipe 

Unlike many other recipes, we're avoiding Chai Syrup, and in exchange are using our Skinny Food Co best-selling Vegan Chai Creamer to add the chai spice to our lattes.





Making this delicious drink is easy, and you can make it in just 4 steps:


Step 1: In a small saucepan, heat your non-dairy milk alternative Skinny Food Co Chai Creamer until it begins to bubble slightly. Alternatively, you can use a milk frother if you have one to hand!

Step 2: Taking your favourite tall glass best used for lattes add the Instant Coffee (7g or 1-2 teaspoons) and top with 10ml Hot Water, stir until dissolved.

Step 3:  Add 5ml of Skinny Maple Syrup to add a touch of sweetness to the spiced hot drink. 

Step 4: Pour over the heated creamer and stir once more before topping with a dusting of ground cinnamon. 


What makes this coffee a great choice? 

The great thing about this vegan chai latte is that it’s free from animal products, making it a healthier and more sustainable choice. Plus, the combination of spices makes for a delicious flavour that will be sure to wake you up in the morning!

Not to mention our healthy alternative Skinny Food Co products are not only cruelty-free but also gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free and virtually zero calories. 

This vegan chai latte is a great way to start the day and can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Plus, it’s easy to make and can be tailored to your own taste preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative or just want to try something new, this vegan chai latte recipe is sure to hit the spot!

Why do we stand out from the crowd? 

Unlike other vegan chai lattes, we avoid using added sugars or sugar syrups to create our great flavours. We've also avoided using alternative dairy-free milk, but have opted for our best-selling chai spice blend creamer. 

Our 1 Litre Chai Creamer offer up to 40 servings per bottle depending on usage. Making it not only a great healthy alternative but also a great cost-effective substitution for those looking to save some money this year.

Not a fan of Chai? Check out our huge range of dairy-free creamer options to swap from alternative milks to creamers, which are lower calories, lower fats and lower sugars!




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