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The Ultimate Christmas Sandwich

The Ultimate Christmas Sandwich - theskinnyfoodco

Ok, so it's Christmas leftover time, and you're standing there, staring at a fridge full of Christmas leftovers from vegetables to leftover turkey and all the sauces under the sun. What are you going to do? 

Well, obviously one of the first things you can do to fully indulge in your favourite festive foods is to build the ultimate festive sandwiches for you and the family. 

Making the perfect Christmas sandwich doesn't require a lot of effort, it just involves creativity! So here's our ultimate Christmas leftovers sandwich that won't disappoint!


Bread, Baguettes & Comforting Toasties




First of all, the most important deciding factor is what type of sandwich are you having. There are definitely some great options: 

Crusty Baguettes: 

French in origin, baguettes are a great choice if you want your leftover sandwich slightly warm and toasted with minimal fillings, the best filling options are turkey & stuffing or turkey & cranberry baguette. 

You can also choose to pack your baguette with extra trimmings such as pigs in blankets, crispy onion, chilli jam or Cranberry Sauce & creamy brie. 


Classic Bread 


Whether you've chosen malted bread, bloomer bread, wholemeal bread, sourdough bread or soft fluffy bread such as white bread, there are endless stacking opportunities when it comes to a traditional sandwich. 

You can even add a third layer of bread to really pack in the fillings. 

Unlike baguettes, you aren't limited to fillings and can really become totally creative with the leftovers you choose to include in this sandwich. 


Trimmings Toastie


The ultimate toastie is a true Christmas toastie a classic Christmas staple, warm, gooey & cheesy you can choose to combine your favourite festive options from sweet cranberry sauce, brie slices, sage & onion stuffing and classic British turkey, melted together and served with some crunchy crisps, or even dipping gravy. 


Ultimate Turkey Sandwich Recipe 

 Trimmings Christmas Sandwich

For this, we're going to be using our left-over vegetables, turkey, sage stuffing, gravy & cranberry sauce to create a layered triple sandwich. 


We've used: 


  • 3 X Slices of soft bread (you can also choose to use seed bread or malted bread) One piece soaked in gravy
  • 2 Roast Potatoes - Crushed slightly with the back of a fork 
  • 2 Tbsp Leftover stuffing 
  • 3 - 4 Slices of Turkey 
  • Leftover Carrots transformed into a carrot slaw (using mayonnaise & cabbage) or sweet coleslaw / crunchy slaw
  • Streaky Maple Bacon Slices 
  • A Handful of Baby Spinach 
  • 2 Slices of Brie (or any cheeseboard leftovers)
  • Cranberry Sauce


You can alternately swap the turkey for chicken breast, beef with horseradish sauce or a vegetarian option for filling (vegetable fritter)

Other tasty veggies to include are: 

  • Cauliflower Cheese
  • Sprouts
  • Parsnips


How To Make: 


Step 1: Start by buttering 2 slices of your bread, leaving the third slice aside to soak in leftover gravy - If you don't want the bread too soggy, simply pour out a dollop of gravy onto the slice, spread across and sit aside.

Step 2:  Spread across your Skinny Cranberry Sauce on both buttered slices of bread and set one aside

Step 3: Layer your sage & onion stuffing across one slice of the bread (this will be your bottom slice)

Step 4: Next, grab your handful of baby spinach and lay across the onion stuffing

Step 5: Begin placing your turkey slices

Step 6: Add the slices of brie 

Step 7: Add your gravy covered bread slice next and press down

Step 8: next layer your sweet coleslaw / carrot slaw. 

Step 9: Add crushed potatos 

Step 10: Add streaky bacon 

Step 11: Top with your final slice of cranberry sauce bread and cut down the middle for the perfect layered American-style sandwiches.




What is a British Christmas Sandwich? 


A Christmas sandwich can be any sandwich that uses your remaining Christmas lunch leftovers and combines in malted bread with your favourite turkey & trimmings such as herby pork stuffing, caramelised onion chutney and pigs under blankets.

Making the perfect festive feast sandwich can easily be done, and won't require much preparation. Ensure your buy enough bread rolls, loaf of breads or baguettes to ensure you won't need to leave the house on boxing day and these can be enjoyed on a lazy afternoon. 

Other popular Christmas Lunch Sandwich Ideas Include: 

  • Prawn & Salmon Sandwich - Using left over Prawn Cocktail Sauce & fresh salad. 
  • Pigs in Blankets Sandwich - With Cranberry Chutney 
  • Turkey & Pork Sausages - With Port Sauce and Orange Cranberry Sauce 
  • Brie & Cranberry Toastie - With thick slices of brie, cranberry sauce and even some prosciutto for a warm  comforting toastie. 



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