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The Best Gin Cocktails - Cocktail Recipes

The Best Gin Cocktails -  Cocktail Recipes - theskinnyfoodco

Gin cocktails are all the rave recently, with multiple different flavoured gins available you can customise your favourite gin and pair it with different syrups and mixers to get some classic cocktails and some truly unique flavours.

Whether you're looking for a refreshing cocktail with soda water & lime juices, or you're looking for something fruity full of botanical flavours, there's something for everyone when it comes to Gin. 


At The Skinny Food Co, we pride ourselves on being able to offer healthy alternatives to much-loved popular recipes or drinks, We have recently been showcasing our greatest cocktail mixers paired with our favourite alcoholic beverages to offer low to zero-sugar alternatives to much-loved classic cocktails. 

However, this week we've decided to dedicate our attention to the much-loved gin cocktails, and how you can make them at home! 

1. Raspberry Gin Fizz Recipe 


A Raspberry Gin Fizz is a widely popular & classic gin cocktail, that has been adapted over the years, from using egg whites to keeping it simple with some fresh raspberries. 

Traditionally a Raspberry Gin Fizz would contain Gin, Raspberry Liqueur, Prosecco and Fresh Raspberries. 

However, our low-sugar alternative ingredients are: 

Type  Traditional Raspberry Fizz (Tesco Recipe) The Skinny Food Co Raspberry Fizz
Calories (per 200ml) 169Kcal 118Kcal
Sugars (per 200ml)  15g 5.8g


2. Blueberry Gin 

Make your favourite fruity cocktail with our Blueberry Syrup, mix this with tonic water or sofa water for a delightful fresh & beautiful cocktail. Whilst our Blueberry syrup is traditionally paired with desserts, this zero-calorie syrup is completely gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, calorie-free and diabetic-friendly. Making it a great alternative and delicious cocktail to serve guests, family and friends at a party or family gathering. 

Save yourself some time this year by easily making your favourite Blueberry Gin Cocktail and skipping so many of the long-winded steps by including our Blueberry Syrup 

To save on added calories & sugar we used: 


Type  The Fresh Cooky Blueberry Gin Cocktail The Skinny Food Co Blueberry Gin Cocktail
Calories  (per 200ml) 273Kcal 154Kcal
Sugars (per 200ml) 47g 2g


3. Gin Bramble Cocktail 

Possibly one of the most known & beautiful gin cocktails, a Bramble is a perfect combination of citrus & berries.

Traditionally made with fresh lemon juice, blackberries and a blackberry liqueur such as Creme De Mure, a Gin bramble isn't paired with any fizzy mixer, it is shaken using a cocktail shaker and is served still with ice. 

For our healthier alternative, we're swapping our blackberry liqueur and replacing it with our very own Cherry Syrup for a cherry gin bramble recipe. 

For this recipe we use: 

Unlike our other cocktails, we make this using a shaker with ice, by adding the ice, gin & syrup and shaking well until combined, we then pour our classic gin cocktail into our beautifully decorated cocktail glass. You can choose to decorate this particular drink with added mint leaves or stems for a unique look.

Type Gin Bramble (BBC Good Food Recipe) Cherry Gin Bramble - The Skinny Food Co 
Calories (per 200ml) 222Kcal 90.2Kcal
Sugars (per 200ml) 14g 1.3g


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