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Summer Smoothies: Cool and Nutritious Recipes

Summer Smoothies: Cool and Nutritious Recipes - theskinnyfoodco

Summertime is finally calling, and a refreshing summer smoothie is the ultimate treat when the weather heats up. 

There are so many different smoothies to try, from classic combos like strawberry and banana or mango and pineapple to unique blends made using exotic dragon fruit or acai berries. 

Smoothies are proving popular!

Research by Kantar showed that over 575,000 people in the UK consume ready-to-drink fruit & vegetable juice and smoothies more than once a day. 

And in the warm weather, it’s easy to see why. While ready-to-drink smoothies are quick and convenient, blending your own smoothies at home gives you more control over the freshness of the ingredients and portion size. 

One of the best things about summer smoothies is their ability to hydrate your body. When it’s hot, it’s vital to replenish fluids lost through perspiration. This is extra important if you work out in the gym or exercise outdoors. If you want to stay hydrated and enjoy a delicious burst of flavour, pick a smoothie made from fruit juice, vegetable juice or coconut water. 

Let’s face it: nothing beats sipping a cool, refreshing smoothie in the scorching sunshine. And these blended drinks won’t just quench your thirst - by adding the right ingredients, you can create a drink that offers a wealth of nutritional benefits. 

Smoothies aren’t just for breakfast or snack time - you can enjoy them throughout the day. Whether you want a tasty post-workout recovery drink, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, or a guilt-free dessert, choosing a smoothie allows you to give in to your cravings without compromising on nutrition


Looking for an extra protein boost? Try adding Greek yoghurt, nut butter, or protein powder to your favourite banana smoothie recipe. For a banoffee-style treat, add a drizzle of zero-calorie, sugar-free banana and caramel flavour syrup to your smoothie.


Want a smoothie that’s both delicious and nutritious? Add a scoop of Suprgreens powder to a strawberry smoothie to incorporate nutrient-dense superfoods like broccoli and kale into your drink. To make it extra summery, add a splash of sugar-free strawberries and cream flavour syrup.

Rejuven8 Smoothie Recipe

Still need recipe inspo? Why not give this Rejuven8 smoothie recipe a try? 

Rejuven8 Premium Collagen Peptides powder is available in three delicious flavours: strawberry, tropical, and apple & blackcurrant.



Did you know that women’s collagen production begins to slow down during the mid-to-late 20s? From your early 30s, you start to lose 1% of collagen each year. And by the time you reach your early 40s, collagen production drops even more dramatically. This is when the skin starts to show signs of ageing, like wrinkles and dry skin. 

Rejuven8 collagen powder contains 26g of collagen and 24g of protein per serving. It can be dissolved in anything from water or juice to your favourite coffee.

Here’s how to make this great-tasting, skin-boosting smoothie:



  • Add the frozen berries and banana to a blender. Pour in the cup of oat milk, chia seeds, cinnamon, Rejuven8 powder and 25g of Strawberry Flavour Syrup
  • Blend the mixture until smooth 
  • Pour the smoothie into your favourite tall glass
  • Add another drizzle (5g) of Strawberry Flavour Syrup
  • Enjoy!



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