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Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry Christmas Tree

Chocolate Hazelnut Pastry Christmas Tree - theskinnyfoodco

Are you looking for the perfect centrepiece dessert for your Christmas dinner party? Well look no further, this Pastry Tree is the answer to all your sweet-tooth needs. Made with our best-selling Skinny Chocaholic Chocolate Spread and our Chocaholic Chocolate Drops. This is an incredibly easy dish to make, with the best aesthetic designs that will wow your guests. 

Serves: 8 | Prep Time: 25 Minutes | Cook Time: 20 Minutes | Total Time: 45 Minutes | Calories: 260Kcal Per Serving 





Christmas Tree Puff Pastry

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Prepare your surface area to roll your piece of puff pastry. Lightly dusted with flour, begin rolling your sheet of pastry into a large rectangle, this should be roughly 2-3mm thick.

Step 2:  From the sheet of puff pastry cut two large triangles roughly the same shape and size, it might be easier to cut one shape first and re-roll your sheet of puff pastry and cut again. This should be where you start to see the 'tree shape' take form. 

Step 3: On a baking tray lined with parchment paper place one of the triangles and coat it with the Chocaholic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread, once completed you should have a completely chocolate-covered triangle. 

Step 4: Place the remaining tree-size puff pastry on top of the chocolate-covered ready-made puff pastry.

Step 5: Make the incisions on both sides of the triangle (there should be roughly 12 incisions on each side) 

Step 6: Twist the pastry branches until they curl. 

Step 7: Make decorations using any remaining leftover pastry (We suggest pastry stars or baubles)

Step 8: Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 degrees / Gas Mark 5

Step 9: Dust with the Icing Sugar and add Chocaholic Chocolate Drops as decoration. 


Christmas Tree Pastry

Decorating The Chocolate Christmas Tree

There are a few ways you can take this festive dessert from good to great, and decorating your chocolate Christmas tree is just one of them! We've put together a few ways you can make this ultimate sharing dessert even better with some of our Skinny Food Co Products as decorations & dipping. 

Excess Pastry: 

Make the most of your pastry sheets by creating extra decorations from your leftover scraps.

Alongside your pastry tree, you could make pastry stars, pastry baubles or even pastry presents.

Dipping Sauces: 

This Chocolate tree is packed with gooey hazelnut sauce, but why not indulge even further with some dipping sauces? We thoroughly recommend pairing some of our white chocolate spread, or chocolate orange syrup as an additional treat.

You can also pair this festive party food with a dollop of double cream, or whipped cream.

Or try our fan-favourite skinny jams alongside some fresh fruit for a fruity-festive recipe idea. 




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