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Peach Bellini Recipe

Peach Bellini Recipe - theskinnyfoodco

A classic cocktail, that is not only light & fruity, but it is also perfect for the upcoming holiday season, made with sparkling wine such as prosecco and white peaches, this delicious Peach Bellini Recipe will impress all your guests and leave them wanting more. 

If you didn't know, at Skinny Food Co HQ we've been creating a cocktail a week in the lead-up to Christmas. Each week we've been exploring healthier alternatives to your favourite tipples, with drinks such as last week's Healthy Pornstar Martini Recipe, and Mojitos.

This week we've turned our attention to a bottomless brunch classic, that embodies sophistication and simplicity, this is probably our easiest recipe to follow, so whether you're a cocktail amateur or a mixologist, grab your flute glasses, we're kicking off with a fruity favourite. 


How to make a peach Bellini? 


It's easy to pour or stir Peach Bellini cocktails too fast, causing the Prosecco to foam over the top. Here are a few tips for controlling the bubbles:

  1. Make sure that everything is cold: fruit puree, Prosecco, and, ideally, your flute glasses.

  2. Open your Prosecco 10 to 15 minutes before you plan to pour the cocktails, keeping it refrigerated. This will reduce the foam, but still, leave plenty of carbonation.

  3. If you're making several Peach Bellini's at once, combine measured amounts of the fruit puree and Prosecco in a glass wine carafe and gently stir. Fill the glasses in a few small pours to maintain the consistency of each cocktail.


How To Use Our Peach Bellini Cocktail Mix? 


Using our Bellini mixer is way easier than pureeing your own peaches, simply add your peach Bellini cocktail mixer to equal parts prosecco and voila, your done! They're the perfect brunch accompaniment or Christmas morning treat.

For more information on our favourite Christmas tipples, and a complete guide to cocktail making this Christmas, check out our useful cocktail guide, or keep up to date with our weekly TikTok Lives, where we explore all your favourite cocktail recipes 


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