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How To Use Our Sriracha Sauce

How To Use Our Sriracha Sauce - theskinnyfoodco

Spicy Sriracha Sauce

Have you tried the Skinny Food Co Guilt Free #NotGuilty Sriracha Sauce? If not, where have you been?!


Finally you can now enjoy Virtually Zero® Calorie* Sriracha Sauce however you desire! Ideal for ensuring your stir fry's are packing heat! Whatever you decide we think you will now love this amazingly flavoured sauce as it's guilt-free, gluten free, fat free, free from dairy, vegan friendly,0SP on WW plan, diabetic friendly and can be enjoyed every day. - Not Guilty!

But ... how can you use it? We have come up with some fantastic ways that you can use you Sriracha Sauce which will mean your meal times are anything but boring!

Breakfast ideas:

  • Eggs On Toast - Why not try poached eggs on toast with a drizzle of Sriracha? I can see you pulling a face already ... caught you! BUT don't knock it till you've tried it! Trust me 😉
poached eggs on toast
  • Spicy Grill Up - grill your sausages, bacon & tomato, add a poached egg, mushrooms & baked beans & pair with our Sriracha sauce for the PERFECT dipping sauce! 
  • Veggie Omelette - beat 3 large eggs, season & add to a frying pan with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onion, reduced fat cheddar and top with a generous drizzle of Sriracha sauce! 
spicy baked eggs and tomatos

    Lunch & Dinner ideas:

    • Loaded Fries - chop some potatoes into thin strips, bake in the oven with some of our spray oil and seasonings and once cooked load up with whatever toppings you want! Go Mexican style with some chilli con carne, light sour cream, jalapeños, reduced fat cheese and lashings of our Sriracha sauce! 
    • Spicy Chicken Fried Rice - Cook your chicken breast and rice as normal and combine in a frying pan with a beaten egg and lots of your favourite veggies. Why not try beansprouts, spring onion, peppers and sugar snap peas? Before serving, stir through our Sriracha sauce for that luscious spicy kick! 
    sriracha stir fry
      • Spicy Beef Lettuce Cups - Fry tender beef strips, shredded carrot, spring onions and peppers in our spray oil & add our Sriracha sauce. Then take a Romain lettuce, gently pull away the leaves and use these as lettuce cups to load your spicy beef into! Yum! 
        lettuce cups
      • Chilli Cheese Beef Burger - Now we all love a burger but this is next level ... Top your traditional beef burger with some chilli cheese (available at most Supermarket cheese counters) and drizzle our Sriracha sauce all over and you WILL NOT be disappointed! 
      spicy chicken burger
      • Easy Chicken Stir Fry - Fry off some skinless chicken breast mini fillets in our spray oil, team it with a stir fry vegetable pack, add some of our 4 calorie Spaghetti Noodles and stir through our Sriracha sauce for the ultimate stir fry! 
      stir fry noodles

      Snack ideas:

      • Tomato Bruschetta - slice up a rustic ciabatta bread, toast under the grill and load up with fresh tomato salsa made with coloured cherry tomatoes, fresh parsley, seasoning and our Sriracha sauce! 
      spicy bruschetta


      skinny bruschetta
      • Spicy Devilled eggs - Take a twist on the traditional devilled eggs recipe and add a little fresh chilli and Sriracha sauce into your yolk mixture before re filling the eggs - lush lush lush! 
      spicy devilled eggs
      • Veggie crudités - Chop any vegetables you like into the perfect snacking sticks (carrot, cucumber, peppers & celery work fab) and give them extra added flavour by dipping in our Sriracha sauce!

      sauces range with skinny food co

      In typical Skinny Food Co fashion, all of our guilt free sauces are great if you’re counting your calories and suitable for any food intolerance.

      Allergen Free ✓
      Keto & Paleo Friendly ✓
      Gluten Free & Coeliac Friendly ✓
      Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly ✓
      Fat Free & Slimming Friendly ✓
      Dairy Free & Lactose Friendly ✓
      No Added Sugar & Diabetic Friendly ✓
      0 Smart Points On Weight Watchers ( WW ) Plan ✓


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