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Mothers Day Breakfast Ideas

Mothers Day Breakfast Ideas - theskinnyfoodco

This Sunday is of course Mothers Day, so if you want to spoil your that special someone from the minute she wakes up this weekend, why not start with a delicious breakfast in bed? This is perfect way to start the day, treating your Mum, Grandma, Aunt or someone who is like a mum to you! 

There's nothing like the smell of coffee and warm pastries, and our Skinny Food Co low sugar jams and marmalade make the best filling. Our jams are perfect on everything, so add some fruit scones to your breakfast and top with some low fat whipped cream and SFC Raspberry Jam. 

Mothers Day Breakfasts

Our ever-growing collection of coffee creamers can make any simple coffee taste incredible, with flavours ranging from nutty Hazelnut to creamy Vanilla, Glazed Doughnut to Irish Cream, there is an option to satisfy everyone's taste buds. 

The Skinny Food Co.'s Low Sugar jams and spreads would make the perfect addition in your fridge this summer, and why not mix them into some low fat yoghurt. You could even squeeze in 10ml of our maple syrup for an extra spoonful of sweetness, to make a delicious fruit and yoghurt bowl. 

If your mum would prefer a more savoury spin on breakfast in bed, what better way to enjoy sausage and bacon than to glaze the slices with SFC Maple Syrup and pan fry it using our Low Calorie cooking spray. 

mothers day breakfast

Our Skinny Duo Bars are the perfect chocolatey addition to any meal time or throughout the day and of course, only contains 99kcals. They taste delicious dunked into a creamy coffee or enjoyed by themselves. These are perfect for chocoholics who may be counting the calories, but still need to satisfy their chocolatey craving. 

mothers day breakfast ideas


Of course, there is so many other ways you could make the best meal for your mum this Sunday. You could enjoy some of our Low Calorie Pancakes, at only 21 calories per pancake, or get creative and make some delicious sweet cakes and cookies using our Bakery Bundle - there really is something for everyone to enjoy! 

diabetic friendly low sugar breakfasts


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