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Blueberry & White Chocolate Baked Crumpets

Blueberry & White Chocolate Baked Crumpets - theskinnyfoodco

 Baked Crumpets

Whether is breakfast, or dessert, this Baked Crumpet dish would be perfect for everyone to enjoy! Using only a handful of ingredients, including our Low Sugar Blackcurrant Jam, this dish is packed full of flavour, this dish is super easy to create!  

(Serves 1) 

You will need: 

2 crumpets

1 large egg whisked with 50ml no sugar almond milk 

5 drops of SFC Vanilla Cheesecake Drops

50g frozen blueberries

40g SFC Blackcurrant Jam

15g SFC White Chocaholic Spread

How to make: 

1. Cut your 2 crumpets in half and place them in an oven proof dish.

2. In a jug, whisk 1 large egg and add 50ml of sugar free almond milk, 5 drops of our Vanilla Cheesecake Flavour Drops. 

3. Whisk the ingredients together and pour over the crumpets.  

4. Add 50g of frozen blueberries and 40g of our Skinny Food Co Low Sugar Blackcurrant Jam to the dish and place in the oven. 

5. Bake for 15 minutes at 190 degrees. Remove from the oven and drizzle our White Chocaholic Spread over the top and enjoy! 


baked blueberry crumpets


There is 387 calories in this delicious breakfast, 64 grams of carbs, 12g of fat and 13g of protein - a  perfect way to start the day! 


low calorie crumpets


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