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4 Ways To Use Our New Creamers

4 Ways To Use Our New Creamers - theskinnyfoodco

Have you heard? There’s some new Skinny Food products on the block. 

I was intrigued when I received these new non-dairy creamers in the post, and it’s safe to say they are now a staple in my cupboard! Available in Vanilla and Hazelnut flavours, they’re a great dairy alternative which can be enjoyed in coffee, tea, smoothies, porridge, desserts and other drinks.

Both are sweetened and packed FULL of benefits. Not only are they vegan and zero calories, they also contain no sugar which is perfect if you’re watching your sugar intake or just want a delicious drink.

Think outside the box and go wild with your creations. I’ve been thinking up some ways to use these products in different drinks, but if you think of anymore, tag us on social media @skinnyfoodco and show us!

Protein-powered start to the day

Looking for a quick, healthy breakfast? Smoothies are ideal. It’s an easy way to eat a variety of healthy fats, fruit and veggies without realising – and they taste great! Using the hazelnut creamer, you can make a chocolate-inspired smoothie packed full of goodness. Simply add a scoop of vegan chocolate protein powder, a banana, some flaxseeds, the new Hazelnut Non-Dairy Creamer, a handful of spinach and a little bit of water to a blender. When smooth, pour into a large glass with some ice and enjoy in the garden (if you’re lucky enough to have one!).

Recreate your favourite takeaway coffee

If you're missing your coffee shops, why not re-create your favourite drink from the comfort of your own kitchen. There’s nothing better than an iced vanilla latte in summer - and now thanks to these new creamers, there's nothing stopping you from making one. All you’ll need is a double shot of expresso, some ice cubes and the new Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer. Serve in a tall glass and mix together for the perfect iced drink. Why not top up your drink with Minor Figures Oat Milk - dairy free, a source of calcium and vegan friendly.

An afternoon treat which won’t keep you awake all night

Chai is traditionally a sweet milky tea, originating in India and is renowned for its spicy aromas and delicious flavours. It’s an ideal afternoon pick me up as it contains less caffeine than a normal cup of tea or coffee, so it won’t stop you sleeping at night. Simply add a low-sugar chai tea bag, some hot water, the Vanilla Non-Dairy Creamer and a sprinkle of cinnamon for added warmth. Put all the ingredients in a large mug and allow to brew for five minutes before drinking.

Wind-down and relax with a hazelnut hot chocolate

I LOVE chocolate and this indulgent drink can be enjoyed at any time, but it seems to taste even better after a long day. Melt a couple of spoonfuls of The Skinny Food Co’s Chocaholic spread in a mug with boiling water and top with some Hazelnut Non-Dairy Creamer (depending on how ‘milky’ you want it). I love adding a spoonful of marshmallow whip and some grated chocolate to finish.

Whether you’re working from home, home-schooling your children or doing a workout in the garden, these low-sugar drinks will keep you going and give you a much-deserved break.


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