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4 Delicious Low-Sugar Snacks from The Skinny Food Co.

4 Delicious Low-Sugar Snacks from The Skinny Food Co. - theskinnyfoodco

Are you looking to reduce your sugar consumption?

Following a low-sugar diet could be a great place to start. According to the NHS, adults should limit their sugar intake to 30 grams per day

Why should I follow a low-sugar diet?

Cutting out added sugars from your diet could help to reduce your risk of certain health problems. 

One key advantage of following a low-sugar diet is the potential for weight loss. 

Eating too much sugar (especially from sugary drinks and processed foods) is a major contributor to weight gain and obesity. 

Choosing foods containing zero added sugar makes you less likely to consume excess calories. 

One of the most noticeable benefits of a low-sugar diet is improved energy levels and mood stability. When you eat too many sugary foods, you might experience blood sugar spikes and crashes. These can leave you feeling tired and grumpy. By avoiding these sugar highs and lows, you can maintain your energy levels throughout the day, which should help to improve your focus and mood. 

Can I still enjoy treats on a low-sugar diet?


We all crave treats from time to time. But when you’re trying to decrease the sugar in your diet, it can be hard to know what to choose. 

The good news is we have you covered for delicious snacks that don’t contain added sugar. With our range of indulgent zero-sugar biscuits, muffins, waffles, and flapjacks, you can satisfy your tastebuds and keep your sugar intake down.  

Low-sugar treats from The Skinny Food Co.

  1. Sugar-Free Cookies and Biscuits

Our sugar-free biscuits are the latest addition to the lineup. Each bite of our sugar-free coconut biscuits delivers a rich coconut flavour without any added sugars, so they’re the ideal treat to add to your lunchbox or enjoy with a cup of coffee. 

Prefer something chocolatey? Our sugar-free chocaholic cocoa cookies are a heavenly zero-sugar option to banish those chocolate cravings! 

  1. Low Sugar High Protein Chocaholic Muffins

When you need a more substantial on-the-go snack, why not reach for The Skinny Food Co.’s double chocolate protein muffins? These decadent low-sugar cakes contain zero palm oil and 15g of protein to keep you feeling satisfied. 

  1. Sugar-Free High-Protein Waffles

Another protein-packed option is our new sugar-free, high-protein waffles. Available in a pack of six, each waffle contains 6.6g of protein, and you can choose from vanilla-flavour or chocolate-flavour waffles.

  1. Reduced Sugar Flapjacks

Finally, don’t miss our individually wrapped flapjacks. Sold in a case of 12, you can choose between Bakewell with raspberry and almonds or Chocaholic Caramel. These handy 80-g bars contain 5.2g of protein and 4.1g of fibre.

Whether you’re a chocoholic, need a protein boost, or are looking for low-sugar snacks, our low-sugar and sugar-free range allows you to enjoy your favourite flavours without any added sugars.


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