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3 Tasty Coffee's for Bonfire Night

3 Tasty Coffee's for Bonfire Night - theskinnyfoodco

Even though Bonfire night may not be the same as it was this time last year, that doesn’t mean that we can’t bring festive magic into our homes to keep the most wonderful time of the year alive, right? While you may be having at-home mini firework displays and bonfires, that means that some treats need to be consumed for the occasion.

So, without further ado, we’re here today to deliver you with 3 tasty coffees for Bonfire Night. Our Sugar Free Instant Coffees, Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers and Sugar Free Coffee Syrups all work together to create the most delectable hot drinks you will ever taste. & here’s how:

Mint Chocolate Latte
First up, we have the classic mint and chocolate combo. Using our Low Calorie Chocolate Mint Instant Coffee, add a teaspoon full into a latte glass before adding your boiling water. Before you reach the top, squirt a generous amount of our Zero Calorie Mocha Creamer into the glass and give it a good stir. 

For the finishing touch, add light whipped cream on top before sprinkling on some of our High Protein Chocolate Crispies once you’ve crumbled them up.

Low Sugar Chocolate Mint Latte

Chocoholic Mocha
Are you a chocoholic? Same. This one is for us, and we have used the Low Calorie Chocolate Mocha Instant Coffee, Dairy Free Mocha Creamer and Zero Calorie Smooth Chocolate Coffee Syrup to make a creamy concoction. 

All you will need to do is add our Virtually Zero Chocolate Mocha Instant Coffee to a mug, before boiling water and our Zero Fat Mocha Coffee Creamer. Add a splash of our Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup and give it all a big stir before finishing off with light whipped cream and some mini marshmallows.

Low Sugar Chocolate Mocha


Chocolate Orange Latte
For this tangy goodness, you will need our Sugar Free Chocolate Orange Instant Coffee, Dairy Free Original Coffee Creamer, Low Sugar Chocolate Orange Spread and some High Protein Crispies to crumble on top. First things first, smear our Palm Oil Free Chocolate Orange Spread around the rim of a latte glass using a knife.

Then, add in our Fat Free Chocolate Orange Instant Coffee before you pour in your boiling water. Fill up most of the way and then add in your Zero Calorie Coffee Creamer before stirring. Finish it off with light whipped cream and some crumbled up High Protein Chocolate Crispies.

Low Sugar Chocolate Orange Latte

And there you have it. 3 extremely tasty coffees for Bonfire Night. Which will you recreate? Make sure to tag us in your photos on socials when using our products because we love to see! Also, keep your eyes on our blog for further festive cooking inspiration.   


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