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2 Minute Chocolate Pears With Ice Cream

2 Minute Chocolate Pears With Ice Cream - theskinnyfoodco

2 Minute Chocolate Pears With Ice Cream

If you're looking for a delicious, summery dessert, ready in minutes, look no further! We've used our Low Sugar Hazelnut Chocaholic Spread and Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup to create this fruity dessert - combined with all of our favourite things: chocolate, ice cream and yummy fruit. This recipe is perfect for after dinner, and is a great one to get the kids involved with! 

We've used pears for this one, but you can also try other fruits like peaches, or melon. 

Serves 2




How to make:

1. Empty the contents of the tinned pairs into both glasses - splitting evenly. 

2. Add 10ml of Skinny Food Co Zero Calorie Vanilla Syrup to each serving, and 20g of our Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Hazelnut Spread

3. Add a scoop of light vanilla ice cream to each, topping the ice cream with extra Vanilla Syrup. Sprinkle over the chopped hazelnuts and serve. 


Calories & macros per pudding:

You can enjoy this delicious dessert for 220 calories! It also has 29g of carbs, 11g of fat and 2g of protein. 






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