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Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer: Kay

Day in the Life of a Personal Trainer: Kay - theskinnyfoodco

Kay has kindly shared her daily routine with us!

It's been 5 glorious days of gym-going, seeing friends and finally feeling like there is a hint of normality back in our lives. 

With the re-opening of gyms this week, it's been amazing to see so many tagged photos on our Instagram of happy gym-goers and delicious workout fuel using our products! This week, we've teamed up with Kay, one of our favourite fitness enthusiasts here at Skinny Food Co - with over 13,000 Instagram followers, working as a personal trainer and preparing for bodybuilding competitions throughout the year, she's the perfect person to inspire other gym-goers and Skinny Food Co fans!


Kay has kindly shared her day in the life with us, as well as some delicious foods! It's amazing to see how she incorporates Skinny Food Co products with her daily routine.. 

Beginning her day with oats, topped with peanut butter and skinny syrups - with flavours such as Butterscotch, and our flavoured peanut butters are so delicious on oats too! For an extra fruity twist, why not add some of our Low Sugar Jams with the peanut butter too! 

After a morning of meeting with clients, Kay enjoys a per workout coffee paired with one of our delicious English Toffee Barista Syrup. These are Zero Calorie, gluten free and fat free, perfect for everyone to pair with a cup of coffee for some sweetness throughout the day! Of course you can use our Barista syrups in more than just a coffee, with over 15 flavours, these can enjoyed in cold drinks, any baking or even added into a cocktail! 

Whilst prepping for competition, Kay trains for two and a half hours, with 50 minutes of cardio. For some amazing exercise ideas, be sure to check out her Instagram page! After training, she uses our Sweet Chilli Mayo Sauce on her lunch, a great way to add flavour, without adding excessive calories or sugar! 

'I'm obsessed with this sauce! It stops my salads being so boring!'


After lunch, it is the last remaining clients of the day, followed by a delicious bagel with our Skinny Chocoholic Duo Spread - one of our best selling spreads, this one won't disappoint! With 92% less sugar, this hazelnut and white chocolate flavour spread is the best topping on all your sweet meals (or even straight from the jar). A great combination, Kay also adds our Low Sugar Raspberry Jam on top, a great way to add a fruity flavour too! With 93 less sugar than other brands of jam, this one is a no-brainer! 


A perfect way to end the day, a cuppa and one of our Skinny High Protein, Low Sugar Bars! With 3 delicious flavours to chose from, these bars are the perfect snack for throughout the day! Great for anyone, including those on a calorie-controlled diet, a vegan diet or even you chocoholics! 

It's amazing to see how our products can and are used by our customers, for all different reasons! With so many to chose from, we're confident that there is at least one products perfect for everyone! Let us know your cupboard staple in the comment section! 

Don't forget, Kay's live workout over on our Instagram- @skinnyfoodco will be 9am this Saturday! 


Thank you Kay for sharing your daily routine with us and good luck for competition! 


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