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Women and Weight Training: Why Should Women Lift Weights?

Women and Weight Training: Why Should Women Lift Weights? - theskinnyfoodco

Women and Weight Training: Why Should Women Lift Weights?

For many women, entering the weight section of a gym can be intimidating - a commonly male dominated area as opposed to other parts of the gym. Whilst the number of women weightlifting is definitely increasing, it's definitely time to debunk all the myths of why women shouldn't left weights, and instead why they should lift weights! Women won't 'bulk up' the same as men - they may genetically not be able to get as 'big' as men, but workouts that help increase muscle strength and size have the same effect on health and fitness. 

 Benefits of Weight Training for Women 

Whether you're a fitness fanatic, or a weightlifting beginner, the benefits are endless - fitness isn't just about cardio. Whilst it may be effective for some, introducing weight training a couple of times a week into your routine is reaping with benefits - for body and mind! 

1. Increased Confidence and Mood

Results from many studies have shown that resistance exercise has played a huge role in reducing depressive symptoms. By moving and challenging our bodies, there's an increase in self-esteem, a reduction in anxiety and boosting your mood. 

2. Increased Joint Health

 Making weight lifting a core part of your fitness routine means your joints become more supported and protected. It can help ease pain, stiffness and swelling - putting slight stress on your bones can actually increase bone density, reducing risks of conditions such as osteoporosis. 

3. Managing Weight 

Weight training increases the number of calories burned in a work out - the muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. So, not only will weight training promote more muscle mass but it will lead to an increase in weight loss. 

Kay Taylor

Weight training can be scary to first get into - so we've enlisted the help of Kay - one of our favourite personal trainers to share her top tips for beginners! 

Since the beginning of her journey, she has earnt herself such titles as PCA Bikini Medium British Champion 2019 and only a couple of weeks ago, competed and won a place in the 2Bros British Finals. As a Personal Trainer and a Bikini Competitor, Kay is the perfect person to discuss women's weight training and overall fitness! 

Kay fitness post 1

Are there any weight training exercises you could try at home?

There are so many exercises you can do at home, even with little equipment. If you have a set of dumbbells your can pretty much do a full body workout! With exercises like the dumbbell shoulder press, bent Over rows, squats and lunges you’ll be able to perform a huge range of exercises without the gym.

How can weight training aid weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, just doing cardio isn’t the answer. Weight training also plays a huge part in the process. It helps you to build muscle mass and while building muscle it also decrease body fat giving you the ‘toned’ look we wish to have.
So don’t be afraid to lift heavy!
Kay fitness post in gym
What do you need to include in your diet to aid weight training? 


Nutrition is also important for muscle growth and fat loss. A diet that contains the right amount of protein and calories is key for both and should be personalised to you. Not everyone needs the same amount of calories!
For fat loss you want to be in a calorie deficit, so eating less than you burn. And for muscle growth, ideally you want to be eating more than you burn so your body has the nutrients to grow muscle.
What would your top tips be for women who are starting out at the gym, especially starting to train with weights? 


My top tips for anyone looking to get into weight training would be to do your own research and if you can, invest in a PT ,coach or gym staff to get you started on the right foot. It’s best to ask for help at the start rather than going into in head first with no clue with what to do!

Also remember it’s a lifestyle change and not a 8 week quick fix. Find something you enjoy and work hard for your goals.
Kay fitness post muscle mass
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We recently did an Instagram Live with Kay, discussing all things health and fitness, her success as a Bikini Competitor and how Skinny Food Co products have been a staple in her journey. You can watch this below 👇



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