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What I Eat in a day: Vegan Edition with Amelia @avodayoff

What I Eat in a day: Vegan Edition with Amelia @avodayoff - theskinnyfoodco

Delicious Vegan Recipe Inspiration & Beginners Tips for Going Vegan

If you're considering a more plant-based lifestyle, you're in the right place. Once again, we're back bringing you some delicious meal inspiration - no matter what your dietary preferences, these recipes below are suitable for anyone! 

Choosing a plant-based diet, whether it be for ethical, environmental or health reasons, there is endless benefits - from reducing symptoms of arthritis to improved blood sugar control and weight loss. Of course, with all diets it's important to consider any risks - vegans are at a higher risk of iron deficiencies, lower calcium levels and even less vitamins. A well-planned vegan diet can include all the nutrients needed for a healthy diet - if you're new, try to follow The Vegan Plate - 50% vegetables and fruit, 25% grains and 25% plant-based proteins such as Quinoa, or Tofu.

Our sauce and syrup range are completely dairy free, along with so many of our other products - making them suitable for vegans! You can shop our complete vegan range below; 


There is a definite increase in people turning vegan, so we've enlisted the help of Vegan Blogger Amelia, known as @avodayoff_  on Instagram. Her account is full of delicious meal ideas and reviews. Whether its breakfast inspiration, ideas for sandwich fillings, or even soup recipes! 


Breakfast Ideas:

Fry up with Smokey BBQ Sauce marinated aubergine “bacon”
'Here I had slices of aubergine marinated in Skinny Food Smokey BBQ Sauce then baked till crispy served vegan-buttered brown seeded toast, balsamic and garlic roasted tomatoes and large flat mushrooms, baked beans, vegan sausages (Richmond meat-free), tofu scramble (silken tofu fried with turmeric, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, mustard, onion and garlic powder) rocket and fresh parsley.'
Carrot cake porridge with stewed apples and Gingerbread Syrup 
'In a saucepan heat oats, grated carrot, coconut milk, cinnamon, ground ginger and nutmeg until thick and creamy. Top with stewed apples and sultanas cooked in lemon juice and cinnamon Finish with vegan yoghurt (I use alpro greek style), chopped nuts and drizzle with Skinny Food Co Gingerbread Syrup.'

Lunch Ideas: 

Chip Shop Curry-Coronation chickpea sandwich 
White bread filled with rocket, tomatoes and a mix of half mashed, half whole chickpeas, sultanas, vegan Greek yoghurt (alpro) and Skinny Food Co Chip Shop Curry Sauce.  


Black Cherry Jam & cream cheese bagel
Cinnamon bagel thin, toasted and topped with vegan cream cheese (Oatly plain creamy oat spread) and Skinny Food Co Black Cherry Jam.

Dinner Ideas: 

Hunters “chicken” in Smokey BBQ Sauce 
Vegan chicken tenders (Vivera) wrapped in vegan bacon (Plant Pioneers) topped with Skinny Food Co Smokey BBQ Sauce and vegan smoky cheese (Applewoods) baked and served with garlic fried broccoli, air fried potato fries and corn on the cob, both in peri peri salt.
“Fish” n chips fakeaway with Chip Shop Curry Sauce 
Air fried salt and pepper chunky chips, peas, no-fish goujons (Finnebrogue, Naked), fresh parsley and Skinny Food Co Chip Shop Curry Sauce to dip! 

Pudding Ideas: 

Banoffee sundae with Sticky Toffee Pudding Sauce
Vanilla soy ice cream (Swedish Glace), crushed digestive biscuits, whipped cream (Food Heaven), sliced banana, grated dark chocolate and Skinny Food Co Sticky Toffee Pudding Syrup

Amelia's Vegan Tips: 

  • Eat out at vegan restaurants, cafes and fast food places because these are people that really know what they are doing and you 100% won’t be disappointed. Some of my favourites are Mildreds and Unity Diner in London, but do a little google search and you’ll definitely have some amazing independent vegan cafes closer than you might realise.  
  • Watching informative documentaries like Cowspiracy and What the Health are invaluable-  If you don’t have the time you can find so many podcasts like Food For Thought that you can listen to on the go or short You tube videos by creators such as Earthling Ed.
  • Make sure to supplement so you feel all the benefits of a plant based diet, with an easy transition. A vegan multivitamin will cover a lot (make sure it contains iron and B12) but I would also recommend omega 3 from algal oil and iodine from sea kelp. Although it seems intimidating it’s really easy and you will reap the benefits. 
  • Make it work for you and go easy on yourself. You will make a lot of mistakes at first but that is normal. It is all about making swaps that work for you and that you enjoy. Trying a plant based diet is an amazing opportunity to discover some amazing food! Going vegan isn’t all or nothing, it can be a gradual process. It is an amazing community to be a part of that are so welcoming, kind and encouraging. 

Don't forget to check out Amelia's Instagram for some more amazing ideas! 








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