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What I Eat in a Day: Vegan Edition!

What I Eat in a Day: Vegan Edition! - theskinnyfoodco

What I Eat in a Day: Vegan Edition! 

Our products are always created with the customer at the forefront, and for our sauces and syrups, being dairy free is always a must. Suitable for dairy intolerances, gluten intolerances and allergen free - but also suitable for vegans.

Being on a vegan diet no longer means food has to be bland and your diet boring - with all of our vegan Skinny Food Co products, eating vegan has never been more flavoursome! 

Vegan Em image from social 1

Meet Emma! With over 7,000 followers on her Instagram - @veganem1, Emma posts daily recipes, tips and ideas on how to stick to a healthy vegan diet! From super-tasty looking baked oat recipes, to vegan inspired rice, pasta and tofu dishes, there is something for everyone to try! It's full of amazing ideas for anyone wanting to try a plant-based diet, or for those dedicated vegans who just need some new meal inspiration! 


For breakfast, Emma used our Skinny Food Co Egg Replacer to make these delicious looking pancakes! As a topping, our brand new Zero Sugar Raspberry Ripple Syrup was the perfect choice! With a hint of smooth vanilla, this sweet raspberry syrup makes any pancake stack look, and taste amazing. With the addition of extra fresh raspberries both in the pancake mixture and on top, this really is the perfect vegan breakfast for all of you with a sweet tooth! 

raspberry ripple pancakes


Nourishing Buddha Bowl 

Tofu is a great source of protein, making an amazing meat substitute in any meal. It's one of the most versatile 'meat-alternative' on a vegan diet - it can be grilled, fried, baked, used in soups, and even as a egg substitute to make 'tofu scramble'. When cooking with tofu, always ensure it has been firmly pressed - the tofu then can always absorb the flavours of the sauces,  spices, seasoning and other foods you add, as well as crisping up when cooking. 

To make this delicious Buddha Bowl, like Emma, press and marinate your tofu in our brand new Virtually Zero Garlic and Mushroom Sauce  - a delicious creamy sauce, which of course dairy-free and vegan friendly but packed with amazing flavour! Once this has been baked, you can add this to a mixture of which ever fresh veggies you have left over in your fridge, some baked sweet potato and a wholemeal pitta. You could even add some couscous for an extra source of protein and fibre.  


buddah bowl vegan edition

Dinner for Emma was these amazing Ch**sy Pizza Pockets! Super simple to make, but they look delicious, using our  Virtually Zero Nacho Cheese Sauce! Like all of our other sauces, this is dairy-free, gluten-free and of course, vegan friendly - if you're new to eating plant-based and vegan friendly foods, this sauce is a great place to start! Just like the real thing, this cheesy flavoured sauce can be enjoyed as a dip, topping some crispy nachos or just like Emma, a great pizza topper! 

To make, grill your wholemeal pittas then top with tomato puree and a vegan cheese alternative. Add some chopped veggies of your choice, Emma has used peppers and tomatoes for hers. For extra protein, vegan chicken would be perfect, just like in the photo.

Using a wholemeal pitta means you can consume more vitamins and minerals instead of using a white pitta  - meaning more energy! 


homemade vegan pizzas


 If you're thinking about trying out a vegan diet, Emma has given her top tips so you can give it a go! If you, or anyone else you know gives it a try, let us know! 

  • Veganise your favourite meal - if you love a fast food burger, try our Fakeaway Low Sugar Burger Sauce  on a veggie burger! It's still got the creamy, tangy taste of ordinary burger sauce, but it's bursting with more flavour, and of course, low sugar and low calories! 

  • Start with one plant-based meal a week or swap one type of food, I.e. switch to plant milk - we would highly recommend Minor Figures Oat Milk for this! 

  • Experiment with lots of brands, meat substitutes and plant-based alternative they’re not all for everyone!  

  • Surround yourself with tips, inspiration and education, documentaries, recipe blogs and meal ideas

  • Try new types of food such as Seitan (something I’d never even tried before going vegan!) your diet doesn’t have to become more restrictive as you go plant based



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