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Vegetarian What I Eat in a Day: Molly

Vegetarian What I Eat in a Day: Molly - theskinnyfoodco

A Beginners Guide to Going Vegetarian 

National Vegetarian Week - 10th of May - 16th May 2021

vegetarian dishes packed with vegetables

Benefits of a Meat-Free Diet

A vegetarian diet is not only delicious, but low in saturated fat and higher in fibre. There can be so many benefits to taking on a vegetarian diet - it lowers your cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. Vegetarians tend to consume more plant-based foods, and more 'healthy' foods as a main component of meals i.e. fruit and vegetables - this means more antioxidants are also being consumed. 

This diet can also be beneficial to the environment - the production of meat has huge repercussions on ecological systems, like deforestation. There are also  concerns over the treatment of animals, so The Vegetarian Society created this week to encourage people to try a meat-free diet for one week. 

A full week devoted to showing how vegetarian diets don't have to be bland, or lack flavour and nutrients. Meals don't have to be lacking any nutrients either - with so many vegetarian options in the supermarkets and in restaurants, there is something new for everyone to try, and you never know, it might end up being your new favourite dish! 

What I Eat in a Day: Molly

We've teamed up with Molly, to show what she eats in a day on a vegetarian diet. 

With over 14,000 followers on Tik Tok, Molly is all about yummy food and body positivity, and we love it! Her daily weight loss and fitness tips combined with delicious homemade veggie recipes, obvious hard work and commitment is evident of her success, and what better way to support National Vegetarian Week, than sharing an example of her daily diet! 

Molly - vegetarian influencer

Losing over 4 stones during the first lockdown of 2020, Molly has become a real inspiration. Having the motivation to embark on such a journey has led to continuously reaching and forming new goals - like lifting weights. 

'My instagram and tiktok are all about self love and loving your lumps and bumps and showing everything I eat to help other people! Our body’s are not perfect and we should love ourself and not take ourself too seriously!'
Mollys vegetarian weight-loss journey

Breakfast: Salted Caramel Baked Oats

Put 40g of oats and 100ml of almond milk into a blender, whizzed it up until I got a smooth consistency! Pour this into a baking dish along with 10ml of Skinny Food Co Maple Syrup and bake for 20 minutes. 

Once cooked, melt 40g of Skinny Food Co Chocaholic Salted Caramel Spread and poured onto the oats. Grate a square of chocolate over the top and serve. 

Calories: 439
chocolate bake using chocaholic chocolate spreads salted caramel flavour

Lunch:  Burger Bagel

To make the chips, chop up one medium sized potato and boil for 15 minutes. Once drained, spray with a low calorie oil - (we would recommend our not guilty 1Cal Sprays!) before baking in the oven for 10 minutes. You can season the chips with anything - why not try our Skinny Food Co Chips & Wedges Seasoning for the perfect flavour! 
For the burger, Molly used one ‘no bull’ burger, ice burger lettuce with Nando’s jam, our Fakeaway Low Sugar Burger Sauce and pickles. Sandwich all of this together in a bagel thin to keep the carbs low.
Calories: 453
healthy burger lunch with bagel burgers and wedges

Snack: Porridge

Add 40g of oats, 100ml of almond milk and a squeeze of Skinny Food Co Vanilla Syrup. Stir this over the hob until you have your desired consistency. You can use any toppings, from fruit, to our Chocaholic Spreads, Jams or even our delicious Peanut Butter! 

Calories: 302
smoothie bowl using fresh fruit and skinny peanut butter

Dinner: Sticky BBQ ‘chicken’

To recreate a delicious meal that tends to be meat-based, add 150g of quorn pieces to a hot pan, with rosemary, salt and garlic powder. Add a generous squeeze of our Skinny Food Co Smokey BBQ Sauce and leave this to simmer for 5 minutes. 
Serve with broccoli, rice and sprinkle with some sesame seeds for that delicious finishing touch. Don't be shy with the Bbq Sauce either - top the dish with an extra drizzle! 
Calories: 416


smokey bbq chicken or tofu rice bowl with healthy greens


Of course, it isn't just food that Molly shares - check out her post below for a workout, or scroll her instagram for even more fitness inspiration!



Tips to get started:

  • Start by designating one day a week to eating meat-free - try 'Meatless Mondays' 
  • There are endless brands of delicious meat substitutes on the shelves now, but we know that these might not be for everyone. Instead, try lentils or mixed beans to make your own meatless meatballs, or bean burger patty.
  • Finding vegetarian and vegan cafes is an easily guaranteed win! Businesses specialising in meat-free food means you'll get the closest thing to meat-based meals, without the meat and is a great way to try new things first.
  • Follow some vegetarian food Instagram accounts, like Molly's! There are thousands of delicious recipe ideas, meal plans and restaurant reviews to look into! 


If you try Meat-Free Mondays, or you even try a Vegetarian Diet, make sure to take a picture and tag us across our social media accounts! 


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