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What I Eat In A Day: Veganuary With Flo

What I Eat In A Day: Veganuary With Flo - theskinnyfoodco


Did you know that 80% of our Skinny Food Co products are vegan? We at Skinny Food Co pride ourselves on being able to offer alternative products that fit within a wide variety of dietary requirements, whether you're vegan, diabetic, dairy-free or simply looking to cut back on calories and sugar, we provide healthier alternatives to your much-loved syrups, sauces & snacks. 


With welcoming in the New Year, many of us take this time to reflect upon how we would like to improve ourselves going forward, for many people this is a change of diets, habits or lifestyle. 


One of the most popular trends amongst this is 'Veganuary'. Which is dedicated to spending the entire month of January swapping out animal products for their plant-based alternatives. 


In 2022, Veganuary inspired over 620,000 people to try the vegan-lifestyle, across 220 countries ( Amongst those 600,000 + people are well known celebrities such as Joaquin Phoenix, Lucy Watson, Paul Mcartney, Evanna Lynch end even Billie Eilish. 


And we're taking part too! This January we'll be sharing success stories from our wonderful customers & ambassadors, who will be showcasing their healthy & delicious vegan meals to inspire you throughout this vegan-month. We'll be looking at how our vegan-friendly products can be made in breakfasts, lunch & dinner alongside healthy snacks and drinks. 


Introducing Flo: 


Flo is a plant-based veteran of 4 years, who made the change to swap to veganism due to the climate crisis and in the hopes to reduce her carbon footprint. 

With multiple studies suggesting that the vegan diet would be the biggest impact on cutting emissions in the atmosphere ( 


Flo regularly posts and updates her 17,000 followers on Instagram (@What_Flo_Eats)  of her daily meal plans, consisting of anything from healthy snacks, to light lunches and even healthy vegan dinners. 


We spoke with Flo and asked her to provide us a guide to a day in the life of her vegan diet, with her favourite breakfasts, lunch, snacks and drinks


Flo's Vegan Breakfast 

For breakfast, Flo regularly enjoys experimenting with porridge, across her Instagram Flo has created hundreds of delicious porridge recipes. Including our wide range of Syrups which add zero-calories & zero-sugars but include a range of incredible flavours! 


hazelnut praline porridge with toffee crunch


Here we can see Flo has created a combination of her favourite products, by creating the Hazelnut Praline Porridge, topped with a Toffee Crunch Protein Bar.

That's a total of 35g of protein for breakfast! Getting your daily in take of protein fuels your body full of energy, and helps repair any damage that may have occurred during physical exercise.  

Flo's also added some sweet raspberries and chia seeds to her porridge bowl.

 Products Used: 


After Lunch, Flo decided it was time for a coffee! Showcasing our versatile syrups, Flo decided that a festive syrup was definitely the right choice. She uses our Gingerbread syrup which is completely gluten-free, fat-free, calorie-free, sugar-free, diabetic friendly & vegan-friendly. 

Vegan Gingerbread Latte


Flo enjoyed her oat milk vegan gingerbread latte before preparing for her lunch time snacks. 


Flo's Vegan Lunch 


For lunch, we at The Skinny Food Co provide a wide variety of delicious sauces that can be used for dipping, drizzling or even marinating.


Our best-selling vegan sauces include: 


  1. Sweet Chilli Sauce
  2. Garlic & Herb Dip
  3. Smokey BBQ Sauce
  4. Chip Shop Curry Sauce
  5. Tomato Ketchup
  6. Honey Mustard
  7. Burger Relish
  8. Ranch Dressing
  9. Garlic Mayo
  10. South West Chipotle Sauce 


Flos vegan wraps


In Flo's lunch she uses our Original Cool Mayo to pair with her Vegan Wraps, with her soy & flaxseed schnitzels, she pairs fresh salad such as lettuce & tomato's alongside our original mayonnaise and wraps together!


Flo's Vegan Dessert

If you're a follower of Flo's Instagram page, then you'll know just how passionate she is about creating sweet treats. She's taken our best-selling Vegan Chocolate Spread and paired with waffle stack including her favourite fresh fruit blueberries & bananas. 


vegan banana waffle stack


What Can You Do?

If you, like many others are thinking about trying Veganuary, then why not take a look at our wide range of vegan-friendly products. Explore our syrups, sauces and snacks - let us know what your favourites are, and don't forget to tag us in any of your creations! 

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