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The Effects of Palm Oil and What The Skinny Food Co Are Doing To Help

The Effects of Palm Oil and What The Skinny Food Co Are Doing To Help - theskinnyfoodco

The Effects of Palm Oil and What The Skinny Food Co Are Doing To Help

Here at the Skinny Food Co we have are very conscious of our environmental impact whilst producing healthier alternatives to the foods we consume.

By switching to Skinny Food Co, you will not only dramatically decrease your sugar and calorie intake, you'll also be taking steps to reduce your Palm Oil intake.

What Is Palm Oil?

Palm Oil is an edible vegetable oil that comes from fruit of oil palm trees.

You'll find Palm oil in nearly everything, close to 50% of products in fact. These products can be found in your local supermarket, such as pizza, chocolate and butter - even deodorant and lipstick will contain palm oil.

Palm oil seems to be everywhere, as it's so versatile and has many different properties and functions that makes it convenient and useful. Palm oil is also known as an efficient crop for growers, who can become reliant on palm oil product and income.

What is The Problem With Palm Oil?

Palm Oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation and increased carbon emissions contributing to climate change. Carbon is released into the environment when farmers expand their farming areas by converting forest into large scale palm oil plantation. 

An increase in deforestation is a result of high demand for palm oil, therefore contributing to the expansion of palm oil plantations resulting in the destruction of tropical forests.

Palm oil is the leading cause of habitat loss and contributes to the extinction of species, including the orangutan population. Every year it is estimated that between 1,000 to 5,000 orangutans are killed in Palm Oil concessions.

Our Zero Palm Oil Promise

The UK have recognised that we were a part of the problem relating to Palm Oil production - but soon established that we could be a part of the solution. The majority of palm oil imported to the UK is now classed as 'sustainable' - but there is more to be done. 

The Skinny Food Co are very proud to say that all our products contain zero palm oil, including products which you'd usually find palm oil in such as peanut butter, spreads, chocolate products and baking products.

Shop the Skinny Food Co today for tasty, zero palm oil and healthy alternative products!



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