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Quiz: What Skinny Food Co Syrup Are You?

Quiz: What Skinny Food Co Syrup Are You? - theskinnyfoodco

Quiz: What Skinny Food Co Syrup Are You?

Ever wanted to know which sugar free Skinny Food Co Syrup you'd be?

Find out which Skinny Food Co Syrup best suits your personality in our fun (and not totally accurate) quiz!

1. What do you enjoy doing for fun out of the following list

A. A quiet night in with some hot chocolate and getting lost in a book

B. Enjoying a delicious cheese board and wine tasting

C. Socialising with friends and 2 for 1 cocktails

D. A spontaneous road trip

2. What is your dream job?

A. Best selling author

B. Food critic for Michelin Star restaurants

C. Events planner for A-List Parties

D. Famous singer touring the world

3. What best describes you?

A. Bed by 10pm after a warm camomile tea as a nightcap

B. Bed after I’ve caught up on my favourite Netflix series

C. You’ve spent three solid hours scrolling on TikTok and realised its 2am and should probably go to sleep

D. Waking up at 9pm wondering what year is it after a 2 hour accidental nap

4. What crumpet topping appeals to you the most?

A. Just butter

B. Lurpak butter with strawberry jam topped with fresh fruit

C. Maple syrup with chopped bacon

D. Pizza crumpet, pizza sauce with melted cheese and some pepperoni

5. Pick a Cocktail:

A. Cosmopolitan

B. Old Fashioned

C. Porn Star Martini

D. Bloody Mary

6. What Celebrity would you want to meet the most out of the following:

A. J.K Rowling

B. Gordon Ramsey

C. Kim Kardashian

D. David Attenborough

7. What would be your ideal holiday?

A. A beach holiday

B. A city break

C. Las Vegas with friends

D. A month away travelling multiple different countries

8. Pick a dog:

A. Golden Retriever

B. Corgi

C. Cockapoo

D. Husky

9. What is your favourite season?

A. Spring

B. Winter

C. Summer

D. Autumn 

10. Pick a kitchen:







Results: What Skinny Food Co Syrup Are You?

If you picked mostly A, you are: Vanilla Syrup

You are Vanilla Syrup!

You are sensible, reserved and some-what of an introvert. Comfortable in their own skin, in control of their life and self-assured. Everyone loves a Vanilla!


If you picked mostly B, you are: Chocolate Fudge Cake Syrup

You are Chocolate Fudge Cake Syrup!

A typical Foodie. Enjoys the finer things in life, finds enjoyment in high-quality dining and probably shops at Waitrose. You have exquisite taste and always trusted choosing where to eat! 


If you picked mostly C, you are: Tutti Frutti Syrup

You are Tutti Frutti Syrup!

You're sparkly and the life of the party! Spends the most time socialising with friends and enjoys a good night out on the town.


If you picked mostly D, you are: Unicorn Syrup

You are Unicorn Syrup!

You are a shimmering soul, adventurous and very spontaneous. You don't often follow to crowd and can live on the wilder side of life. You a free-spirited and courageous!

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