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How to Stay in Shape This Christmas

How to Stay in Shape This Christmas - theskinnyfoodco

How to Stay in Shape This Christmas

Let's be honest with ourselves - the majority of us don't really care to workout, and will be hanging up their running shoes for the festive season.

However, if you're looking to stay in shape the Christmas and not sure how to navigate this with all the excitement of Christmas - look no further.

Here, we explore 5 ways to stay in shape this Christmas to achieve your fitness goals whilst being able to indulge throughout the festive period.

1. Keep Active

Even if it's for a quick 10 minute walk - keeping active and completing some form of exercise will make all the difference.

Is the weather too cold? Why not spend some time working out from the comfort of your own own. Read our Best Workouts To Do At Home blog for some exercise inspo.

2. Introduce Savvy Swaps

Some think it's impossible the cut corners at Christmas, being able to over-indulge whilst remaining somewhat healthy - we are here to challenge that theory.

Making healthy swaps where you can still counts for something, and can still decrease your calorie, sugar and fat intake. Here at The Skinny Food Co, we have created a wide range of healthy alternative products that enable you to eat better whilst enjoying the foods you love.

For example - the foods that usually pack a punch (in relation to calories) can easily be replaced with The Skinny Food co products. Want to smother those Christmas Desserts in some deliciously sweet syrup? Is your Christmas Turkey a little dry this year and in need of some flavoursome sauce? We've got you covered with all your sugar free and zero calorie Syrups and Sauces which you can introduce into your festive meals this Christmas.

The Skinny Food Co also have a wide selection of Cocktail Mixes perfect for the festivities! Whether you're a drinker or not, our Cocktail Mixes are perfect if you want a refreshing alcoholic beverage and a delicious cocktail - not only that, our Cocktail Mixes are completely sugar free! helping you to avoid any additional nasties that usually come with mixers.

Shop our Christmas Collection for all our festive flavours or shop our Full Range for more!

3. Set up a routine

Creating a routine makes it a lot easier to achieve your goals!

You may want to give yourself a couple days off to enjoy the festivities, but you feel a scheduled 30 minutes walk on Boxing Day afternoon will keep you on track.

Create a routine that works for you and your plans over Christmas - this can also work when planning meals over the festive period. Juts remember to enjoy yourself and never feel guilty about indulging! Treat yourself to that extra piece of Black Forest Gateau - it is Christmas after all. 

4. Remind yourself why you're doing this

Don't fall into old habits, remind yourself why you're wanting to stay in shape to keep you on track to achieve your fitness goals - you got this!

Of course Christmas is all about overindulging, and you can still do this! You just need to be smart about it and don't pressure yourself.

5. Pick intermediate Level on Just Dance

Possibly the most effective way to stay in shape - pick a song with a greater difficultly level on Just Dance on Christmas Day.

Out-do your Uncle Steve to Rasputin whilst keeping active - its a win/win.

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