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How Does our Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix Compare?

How Does our Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix Compare? - theskinnyfoodco

How Does our Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix Compare?

In the spotlight: Our low sugar Double Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix!

Our Double Chocolate Chip Muffins are only 97 calories each and a great source of protein and fibre. Using only 100% natural flavours and colours and zero palm oil you are sure to be in for a treat with these delicious low sugar Muffins!

Why is our Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix better than the rest?

  • Low Calorie (97 calories per piece)
  • Low Sugar (0.2g sugar per piece)
  • Source of Protein (3.8g protein per piece)
  • High Fibre (5.4g fibre per piece)
  • 100% Natural Flavours & Colours
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Soy Free
  • Vegetarian Friendly

Simple food swaps with The Skinny Food Co can dramatically decrease your sugar and calorie intake, leading to a healthier diet without compromising on great taste.

Introducing food alternatives and healthier substitutes is super easy, and we love to use our platform to educate people on these easy product swaps!

Here, we explore how our Chocolate Muffin Mix compares to other popular brands, as well as delving into some delicious recipe inspiration.

The Skinny Food Co Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix VS Betty Crocker Muffin Mix

So, how does our Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix compare to other popular brands?

Let's use Betty Crocker's Muffin Mix as an example. Betty Crocker's Mix contains a whopping amount of sugar - 45.4g to be exact, in comparison to our Muffin Mix with only 0.6g of sugar.

Let's get down to the calorie content. Betty Crocker's version of their Chocolate Muffin Mix contains 421 calories whereas The Skinny Food Co's version contains 310 calories per serving!

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How to Use

1. Preheat the oven (200°C / 180°C Fan / 400°F / Gas Mark 6) and add the muffin cases to the tin

2. Add Muffin mix, 2 large Eggs, 25ml oil + 85ml water to a bowl Mix the ingredients together until well blended

3. Spoon the mixture evenly into 9 muffin cases

4. Bake in the centre of the oven for 12-13 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean

Recipe Inspiration

1. Chocaholic Orange Choc Chip Muffins



To make these tangy muffins of joy, all you need to do is grate some orange zest into the cake mixture while combining. Then, with an icing pipe, squirt on some of our Low Sugar Chocolate Orange Spread once the muffins have cooled down. To finish off, grate some more orange zest on top too.


2. Chocolate Cherry Muffins



To make your muffins cherrified, all you will need to do is add our Low Sugar Black Cherry Jam into the cake mixture. Then, once out of the oven and cooled down, use an icing pipe to glide on some of our Low Sugar White Chocolate Spread before adding some frozen cherries on top. 

3. Sticky Mint Choc Chip Muffins


50g SFC Chocaholic DUO Spread

50ml SFC Sugar Free Chocolate Mint Syrup


To make these refreshing muffins, add a generous serving of our Sugar Free Mint Chocolate Syrup to the mixture in the bowl. To achieve the stickiness, poke holes into the muffins with a cocktail stick when they come out of the oven warm and then drizzle more mint syrup over them before topping off with our Low Sugar chocolate spread.


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