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Coffee & Cake Swaps: How You Can Save On Calories & Sugar

Coffee & Cake Swaps: How You Can Save On Calories & Sugar - theskinnyfoodco

One thing we often get asked on our Social Media LIVE’s and through comments on our social media channels is whether or not our Barista Range & Baking Mixes are a healthier alternative to Starbucks’ versions and the simple answer is yes. However, how much healthier is the question?! In today’s article, we’re going to be addressing how much healthier our coffee and cakes are in comparison to some of the leading coffee shops in the UK. Not to mention, how tasty our products still stay, even though they’re better for you. 
Watch the video above to see what swaps you can make and how easy this can be done.


1 - Pumpkin Spiced Latte & Chocolate Muffin

First up, we have the prized Pumpkin Spiced Latte with a tasty chocolate muffin on the side. Our Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix makes the yummiest little cakes and for only 97 calories per muffin! They’re smooth, moist and chocolatier than you’d expect.

If you didn’t already know, we have also just launched our very own Sugar Free Pumpkin Spiced Syrup- the low calorie version to your favourite. Our new syrup makes a perfect flavouring to any coffee or dessert. Both of these products are diabetic friendly, low in fat and contain zero palm oil.

In comparison to Starbucks, you will save yourself a whopping 688 calories and 83.8g of sugar by choosing our products! If that’s not a good swap, we don’t know what is.


2 - Chocolate Mint Mocha & Cookie

This coffee was made using our Fat Free Mint Chocolate Instant Coffee and our Fat Free Mocha Coffee Creamer and paired with it, we have created one of our Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies. Our Cookie Mix creates nine cookies which are only 96 calories each! Not to mention, they crumble nicely and are gorgeous fresh out of the oven.

This indulgent pairing is not only delectable but compared to Starbucks, you will be consuming 671 less calories and saving 85g of sugar consumption!


3 - Chocolate Mocha & Brownie

Are you a chocaholic? So are we! This combination may sound indulgent but trust us, its a lot healthier than you think. Our Low Sugar Brownie Mix is only 91 calories per brownie and with only 3 calories per mocha with our Low Fat Mocha Instant Coffee, you’re looking at 94 calories for an afternoon snack.

Now, let’s compare it to Costa this time. By swapping out your Costa coffee and cake, you will be saving a staggering 573 calories and 67g of sugar!


4 - Hazelnut Latte & Millionaires Shortcake

Last but not least, we’re going in for the nuts. Our Low Fat Hazelnut Instant Coffee is not only ridiculously low in calories, but it makes any coffee that extra bit smooth. Paired with our Low Sugar Shortbreads, together they come to 217 calories.
This means you will be saving a huge 371 calories and 54g of sugar in comparison to major coffee shops.

If you want to see our shortbread recipe, make sure to comment down below! 

And that’s a wrap! We hope we’ve given you some guidance on just how much calories and sugar you will be saving by choosing our products. We pride ourselves in creating low fat, low calorie, but still magnificently delicious food and drink. If you want to find out more, keep checking out our blog or follow our socials to see what else we’re making.

View some of our mentioned products below and bring the coffee shop to your home!


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