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Bonfire Night Recipes

Bonfire Night Recipes - theskinnyfoodco

 Bonfire Night Recipes

Bonfire night is approaching ... and we've got the PERFECT recipes to enjoy this November.

1. Bonfire Hotdogs

First up, we have a Skinny Food Co spin on a classic. To make the ideal hot dog sensation for your Bonfire Night plans.



  1. Put your hot dogs into a pan full of boiling water. Simmer until cooked through.
  2. In a frying pan, spray some of our Low Calorie Cooking Spray while you heat it up. Horizontally chop your onions.
  3. Add the onions to the pan and fry until golden brown. 
  4. Using tongs, add your hot dog sausages to your rolls before adding your onions on top. Finish off with a generous squirting of our Low Sugar Tomato Ketchup & Honey Mustard.


2. Baked Apple Crumpets

These delicious toffee apple baked crumpets are jam-packed full of autumnal flavours! 

Using our zero sugar, Bonfire Toffee Barista Syrup, get your bake on because it's the perfect ingredient for Autumn!

Paired with delicious soft apple, moorish baked crumpets, and our incredible low sugar Toffee Chocaholic Spread, this recipe can be used for breakfast or dessert!

View the recipe.

3. Chocolate Apples

Who doesn't love chocolate?

We know its full of sugar, so we bring to you Chocolate Apples using our 92% less sugaChocolate Hazelnut Chocaholic Spread!

You can enjoy these delicious, tasty apples for a lot less sugar and not worry about giving them to the kids too! They're easy and fun to make and now we have 10 flavours in our low sugar Chocaholic Spreads meaning you can get as fun and creative as you like.

View the recipe.

4. Cookie S'mores Slices

We think this could be the BEST, easiest recipe we've ever created!

We use our incredible low sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix for the base and top with delicious chocolate drops and mini marshmallows before baking in the oven to create the most delicious, marshmallowy s'mores slice ever!

We're always coming up with ways to make your favourite bakes lower in calories or sugar and this one doesn't disappoint.

View the recipe.


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