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Tips For Managing Your Sweet Tooth

Ah, that pesky sweet tooth. It rears it’s ugly head every now and then and you’re forced to comply. But what if there were other options? Strategies which enable you to satisfy your sugar cravings but in a healthier way?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you love sweet foods, but you want to maintain a healthy waistline, then it’s time to get things under control. Here are some ways you can manage your sweet tooth...

Test your will and try our suggested tips.

1. Find the method that works for you.

Everyone is different. Some people can dramatically cut down their sugar intake fairly easily. Don’t aim to cut out sugar altogether. There’s definitely room for sugar in a healthy diet. If you know you’re going to find it hard to cut down, start with some small changes.

Even subtle changes like cutting down on hot chocolates and coffees packed with sugar and eating less chocolate can make an impact. If you feel ready to embark on a low sugar diet then go for it, just make sure you seek nutritional/medical advice to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients.

2. Start your day right.

Start your day with a savoury breakfast. A lot of breakfast cereals and bars can contain hidden sugars, which can be the cause of those mid-morning sugar crashes. Avoid these by opting for low sugar, hearty options to curb those sugar cravings!

3. Make homemade treats and opt for low sugar alternatives.

Shop bought food and drink may contain a lot more sugar than you realise, so instead of falling victim to this, create your own alternatives so you know exactly what you’re getting.

4. Ditch the dessert.

Of course, if you’re not going cold turkey, an odd treat is totally fine now and then, but if you regularly opt for a sugar-filled dessert, it may be time to cut back. Instead of a sweet dessert, opt for a cheese board, after dinner hot drink, or go halves on a dessert! If you’re making a low sugar dessert option at home, check out our syrups for the perfect low sugar addition.

5. Cut down on sugar in your tea or coffee.

You may think 1 or 2 teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee is harmless, but if you find yourself drinking hot drinks throughout the day, this can soon add up significantly. Try cutting back to less or substituting with sweetener.

6. Watch out for hidden sugar.

A number of foods that you may presume are low in sugar, actually aren’t, this includes products such as condiments, dressings and granola bars so be sure to double check labels before you end up consuming unnecessary sugar.  If you’re looking for low sugar alternatives, shop our sugar-free sauces, spreads and snacks here.

7Mix up the savoury snacks.

In order to avoid those sugary treats and control your sweet tooth, you need to be prepared. Stock up on savoury snacks, but remember variety is key to excite those taste buds and avoid reverting back to a sugar filled treat for some momentary pleasure.

8. Eat regularly and plan your meals.

We’ve all fallen guilty of going hungry to a little too long and then overindulging on quick and easy foods that aren’t always the healthiest choice for us. Avoid this happening by planning ahead and eating regularly throughout the day.

We hope our top tips are helpful! If you try any of these out or have a top tip of your own, share it with us on Facebook!

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