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Breakfast & Dessert Pancake Recipes

Breakfast & Dessert Pancake Recipes - theskinnyfoodco

Breakfast & Dessert Pancakes 

If you’re a fiend for American-style pancakes and Maple Syrup – don’t worry, it’s okay to admit it – but you worry about the sugar content, listen up. The team at Skinny Food Co have devised a tantalisingly tasty alternative that’s guaranteed to curb your sweet tooth craving, without feeling guilty to your body. 

Our brand-new range of low-sugar #NotGuilty Pancake Mix can be bundled with our sweet and indulgent zero calorie maple syrup. With just 27 calories per pancake, you can chow down on a batch of pancakes at the start or the end of the day with zero guilt.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a new breakfast or dessert staple, get a load of these healthier meal options, designed to keep you fuller for longer without the sugar crash:


Healthy pancake breakfast options.

Healthy breakfast pancakes

1. Pancakes, bacon medallions and zero-calorie Maple Syrup

If you love the idea of American-style pancakes with salty bacon and sweet maple syrup, you can still get your fix with the skinny food co’s #NotGuilty pancake mix and maple syrup bundle. Opt for bacon medallions that are pure meat with all of the fat trimmed off. Two rashers of smoked bacon medallions are just 61 calories, compared with 108 calories for two smoked back bacon rashers

2. Pancakes with smoked salmon and fat-free cream cheese

Smoked salmon offers valuable oils that are great for your brain. It is jam-packed with Omega-3 fats and is full of vitamin B-12, which helps for brain function and the production of red blood cells. Combine this with fat-free cream cheese for a truly indulgent, classy breakfast or brunch

3. Pancakes, fresh fruit and natural yoghurt

Enjoy a fruity start to the day by topping your 21-calorie pancakes with some fresh fruit salad and natural yoghurt. Fresh fruit is crammed with natural sugars that are far better for you than any artificial sugars. Natural yoghurt also contains around half of your daily calcium requirement. Low-fat and fat-free natural yoghurts are also a great source of protein.

4. Pancakes, whole nut peanut butter, chopped banana (and maybe a little zero-calorie maple syrup!)

The combo of peanut butter and banana is widely known as the Elvis sandwich and works just as well with our 21-calorie pancakes. Use wholenut peanut butter that contains no added sugar and is high in fibre and protein. You could even sweeten it up with a hit of zero-calorie maple syrup!

Healthy pancake dessert options

healthy dessert pancakes

1. Pancakes, blueberries and zero-calorie Maple syrup

Simple pancake dessert options don’t get any better than with blueberries that are bursting with sweetness and flavour. They are low in fat, low in salt and freezable too for ultimate convenience.

2. Traditional pancakes with lemon juice and a dollop of crème fraiche

If you prefer to keep things traditional, there is nothing more wholesome than a fresh 21-calorie crepe topped with zingy lemon juice and a dollop of crème fraiche to cut through the sweetness. A typical 100g carton of crème fraiche has around 300 calories, compared with 450-500 calories in a 100g carton of double cream.

3. Pancakes, Bramley apples and zero-calorie Maple syrup

Cook down some large Bramley apples until they are wonderfully soft and gooey. Place them on top of your pancakes and drizzle lightly with some of our zero-calorie maple syrup. It tastes delicious – almost like a toffee apple!

Try out our pancake mix and sugar-free, zero-calorie maple syrup for breakfast or an evening snack and let us know what you think. Tag us in your photos to be featured on our social media using the hashtags #SkinnyFoodCo and #NotGuilty. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to access more delicious guilt-free recipes. 


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